23 year old male

by John

I have only had sex once in my life. It is because of the size of my penis.

I was told so by the woman I have dated or have picked up at bars and the like. I have 6 and one half inch penis. Wasn't good enough for them so they walked away.

Nice kick in groin huh. One girl I think felt bad for me so she and I had sex. I did give her and honest orgasm and I had one also. But I became very depressed again and I tried suicide instead.

It did not work the same girl showed up at my apartment and saved me. Bummer. I know living like this sucks. I am very active physically and go to gyms and I am also in to the martial arts scene. So this business of being active is bull.

I have given up on trying finding young ladies not only for sex but for a relationships. Ya I guess today you need 8 and one inches and up to get anywhere. I wonder where these girls are getting such huge vaginas.

Probably from going at it all the time. I wish I could get it at least every 2 months or so. No such luck. I am a very attractive man. Have been told this one to. I am a very cordial and considerate. I have gone out with every type woman I can possibly try to go out with. Church goers to the Red light dis trick types. These girls were not really not red light dis trick types. But where just about as trashy.

I CAN NOT WIN. So what do I do now? I have very nice car. I have a very good job. But the only thing is they only want men with penises 8 inches or more. I have tried 50 to 60 times. This really sucks. This is last any one will hear from me. I am going to try the suicide thing again.

And I know I will be successful this time around I am going into the woods or somewhere where no one can find me. Sorry but when reach the end of the rope that’s it.


I understand hundred percent your dilemma. But guess what? I don’t believe so many girls had a problem with the size of your penis.

6 & ½ inches is above average. Over half of men would have no sex according to your philosophy.
That is not so.

It is not a size to be cocky about but you should feel at least confident. Before I tell you it is possible to increase the size of your penis we need to clear up your huge attitude problem.
And remember; the girls left you for the lack of your confidence. I would bet none of them left you because of the size.

You’ve got issues and you should seek counselling. As much as I believe you; you need to work on yourself first.
By that I mean your mind.

With that size of penis you can live a happy life. If you don’t believe me, really you need to seek medical help instead for feeling sorry for yourself.

Not every girl wants 8 inches. And if you really want it – you can have eight inches. Read about natural penis enlargement. It is not a myth, it is not a fantasy. It would be the last thing in this world trying to make money from a suicidal person. Nobody wants that.

Seek medical help and first get your priorities right.
Once you understand what is life about you may think about increasing the size of your penis.(opens new window)

If you go to forest, meditate instead. If you let any girl know you are suicidal, she won’t want you.
Stop that sort of behaviour and become a man.

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