3 inch Penis... Seriously???

I'm 20 and will turn 21 by 2015, I have a penis that is just 1 inch + when flaccid and about 3 to 3 1/2 when erect. The girth too, is about 3 1/2 inches.

Another thing is that my ejaculated material is not really white at all, but something like a translucent white-ish mucus that gets sticky when it touches cold water.

Physically I'm a bit overweight and moderately active. Is there any way, I can grow to get a range of about the double of what I currently possess? I have heard, read and seen the results of Androgen Therapy on teenagers and boys with puberty where it was confirmed that penis growth was successfully achieved with all the tested boys. My E-mail is ga.gaya9@gmail.com


Penis growth stops in early puberty (most of the cases). At your age there is no known remedy in forms of hormonal therapy or any foods or vitamins.

You can double your penis size by a way of natural enlargement; or surgery (I do not recommend this approach), also by penis traction devices. Or any combination of the above.

It works, despite what you read online. Your penis, your decision…

Regarding your ejaculation the best is to see your doctor (I know what you feel, but that is the way).

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