4 inches is plenty if you've got the GIRTH

by USA

I'm going to tell you right now that 4 inches, NBP, with a big girth, is enough to please the hell out of a woman. I know because I've done it many, many times and they kept coming back for more.

Girth is the aspect of size that matters. I've got over 5 and 1/2 inches in girth and I know how to use it. I have 5 and 1/2 in length bone-pressed and this is usable during intercourse because the suprapubic pad is very compressible.

And how you use it is very important. I've always been very agile and coordinated and athletic. That goes a long way when you're putting it to a woman.

Be dominant and confident in bed. Talk to her in a deep and guttural voice during sex and use what you've got.

A long, thin penis may look impressive - but it IS girth and technique that make her want you time and time again. Naysayers can think what they want. I've DONE this in real life over and over again.

All this need-a-long-penis that's promoted in porn is garbage. I've been told countless times what a great lay I am - and they KEPT coming back. I've had call-girls giving it to me for free who kept coming back. Once I have sex with them they're way into me - way over guys who have longer packages.

And remember, a woman's most sexually active organ is her brain. Once she classifies you as a great lay you need to take-over her mind. She'll keep giving you all the sex you want if you do. Plus, if you can sing or are a musician, USE that to keep them way into you. They LOVE that in a man.

4 inches in Plenty if you got a little extra under the suprapubic pad, plus good GIRTH, plus know how to use it - period.

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