4-5in penis wants 8.5in

by Erick
(Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

My girlfriend says I have a baby dick, and I want to satisfy her.
I just have one question, doing penile exercise; whether with extenders, pumps or jelqing, about how long will it take to reach my goal of 8.5 inches?

Tibor's answer:

I would guess 4-5 years, or more. That's the short answer.
The first inch is quite fast, you might have it within two months or more.

Then it will take longer and longer... You will need to change exercises because the penis will be simple used to heavy workout.
Some men grow easy in length while the others in girth. You will find out as you go.

There is also something good about it; nerves have time to re-build. It would be no good to have a penis like a horse and no erections.

I believe once you are around 7 inches your girlfriend will be more than happy.

Read page on natural enlargement. I recommend you become a member of some site fully dedicated to penis enlargement.
It is worth it. I know about Big Al and he is great.
You'll find him at the end of
this page

Read the forums there anytime you lose you inspiration. It will give you energy to continue.
You can achieve 8.5 inches. Be prepared for lots of work.

Most important; don't forget to measure your penis correctly before you start. And write it down. After many years you will not believe you had 4.5 inches in the past!
I wish you well.

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