5" Penis

by Johnson

I have a shorter than average penis or so I believe. 5" long or on a good day 5.5". My girth is 5.25". I am 56 years old. When I was 19 my penis was just over 4". I have always been self conscious of my smaller size but have never had any complaints. I have been with 9 women. My current wife has had close to 20 partners.It is hard to get her to talk about others much but her last husband was 8.5" and very thick. She doesn't miss his penis at all and says she has never noticed penis size unless they are very thin.

My penis gives her orgasms every time usually two to three per my one. She does like to get on top however to give her the most penetration and clitoral stimulation. I am happy with my size and look of my penis.

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