Does my website target males or females? I had this question popped up several times. Also, is it written from man’s or woman’s point of view?

We all try to be successful. That’s the truth. To tell you honestly to target either men or women would wipe out half of my visitors. Would anyone want it? Nope! I don’t wish that either. Both deserve healthy and happy life.

What is it that it should be attractive to both males and females? Good – actually ‘great’ information.

If there are articles written for men it does not automatically mean it is not meant to be for women as well.

Why? Anyone would ask.

For a woman to have a good relationship she should attempt to understand her man. And it works vice versa. I’m a man. My wife and I click like the best clocks ever made. (Especially now – she is in Brazil, of course, I mean it as a joke only.) She admires things I do for her. And I admire things she does for me. She is very intelligent, sophisticated, sensual and sexual lady. She grew up in mega-city and she knows what she wants.

To make a woman like her this happy I truly need to know a thing or two.

In simple terms – I have to understand my woman. If I read only articles written by men I would be lost a long time ago or an extinct dinosaur. Though a man I read many articles and even books written by lesbians.

This gave me a great understanding of their world. It is a good rule of thumb not to underestimate the other gender.

It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. The important thing is to get knowledge about your other half. How he/she thinks. What he/she feels.

Then you are in control. You know how to please him/her. This feeling of security can be achieved only by knowledge. And how good it feels? – Just believe me!

Can you imagine you love each moment you spend together? You please and support each other at all times? There should be no relationship website which separates women from men. Both are of the same importance.

There will be no happy couple unless both feel happy in a relationship. And this site is targeting to achieve happiness of couples. Romance? Love? Passion? Call it as you wish. I simply name it – Happiness.

What’s new in my world?

Nothing. Hehe. Cold in Melbourne. It is great to stay in bed longer – and I love it! My wife will fly from Sao Paulo to Brasilia to attend an interview for spouse visa. Good things take time... It gives me more time writing pages. Once she’s back it will be more time spent together.

And what is new in YOUR world if you don’t mind asking? Why not to share with us something interesting? About some funny thing (story) you experienced lately. Perhaps it was about dating. About your tremendous success achieving weight loss? Or fed up with certain weight loss program? Just click here to begin -- Your Stories

If you feel it is off theme, no problem. Whenever possible we will try to adjust (or create) a page for the subject. As always, thank you to all for visiting my site, thank you for all your comments and stories.

I appreciate you taking your time with contributing your valuable knowledge and experiences. If you feel to share; or ask a question visit our site

As it is still May (Two E-zine issues in a month!) I wish you lots of love!

Keep in touch, Tibor

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