I have lots of comments that my site should be more focused on ‘relationship’ and ‘health’ and less on sex.

For an average couple it is almost impossible to imagine having good relationship without sex. While we are young we acknowledge this is normal. With age this seems to diminish.
Now if we ask a question: What is better – to feel, act and be like when we were full of health and energy; or; we want to enjoy decline in health and energy instead?
Who can say you didn’t like that tremendous desire and feeling of satisfaction with your partner? When you were in your teenage years or in your twenties?
Isn’t it what we want?
Or; do we want to die off slowly, sit in front of a computer and watching a nonsense TV serial? Once in a while to have that thought – oh! -- Twenty years ago when I had sex it felt so good? Who needs it anymore!
Different couples have different desires and preferences. Some a happy and they never have sex in years. Healthy-Relationship-Dating.com is not targeting just from sexual point of view. There are different values on other pages.
We are all different. There is other group of people who have lots of romance while sex is of not of high importance on their agenda either.
While creating this site I gave it a name which covers a very wide subject. Heath – Relationship - Dating. It was done on purpose. They all are interrelated and each of them plays an important role in our lives.
It is impossible to create hundred pages on each subject at the same time. So I’m gradually adding pages. It is up to visitor to choose the page of her/his interest.
Visitor’s comments and suggestions (emails, blog) are very important. They give me direction. I’m only human. As such I do many things in my way. It is critical to have feedback and listen to others what they have to say.
It makes me creative. Your comments, ideas, experiences, thoughts and stories are the driving force behind these pages. When I think I ‘run out’ of ideas you come to my rescue!

What is new in my world?
My wife had to return to Brazil and apply for spouse visa there. It has one advantage - I have more time writing pages.
On the other hand the subject on recipes is lacking. As I do less 'presentation type of cooking' - I can't take photos. Or should I simply say - I don't feel like romancing myself often? :-)

However after listening to you I have added a recipe on aphrodisiacs Oysters in 3 Minutes

Thank you to all for visiting my site, thank you for comments and stories.
I appreciate you taking your time and contribute with your valuable experiences. If you have something to share or simply talk about; or; you have a question, please visit here and let us know.
May is called 'Month of love' in some countries.
I wish you lots of it!
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