A Fog of Innocence Comes Home

by FourHours

It's been difficult to grasp all of these situations. So I am sorry to have taken so long to ask for more advise. But this instalment is so clear to me. I feel panicked and yet intrigued now that I want her happiness to be my focus. So...

Two nights later, having just arrived home at about 8 p.m., she asked if I would call and invite him to meet us for drinks again that very night. I’m exhausted from the trip. But, I did, I did make the call and invited him again. He eagerly responded he was up for some fun again and arrives in less than 20 minutes.

They hug again when he arrives and it’s really a show as he picks her up. This time when she wraps her arms around his neck she accidentally allows her breast to brush against his face and he doesn’t resist at all. Then as he lowers her down from the hug her legs have spread again and she again is suspended on his leg. I can see out of the corner of my vision that she is actually not so subtly moving her hips against him before he releases her to the ground.

We all together head to the bar and he orders a beer then orders a wine for my wife and a glass of my favourite whiskey on the rocks for me. He is buying now. Their flirting is obvious to me now. They are acting unnervingly familiar. I finish my drink quickly and he buys me another and then another. We are seated near the back of the bar in a booth and out of sight of most people there. They are sitting together opposite me in the booth. We really seem to be having a good time and he buys another round. They’ve had two I on my fourth. When we are finished we decide to head back to our home for his car. It’s almost 11:30 p.m. She drives. I’m very relaxed.

When we arrive I am surprised as she invites him in for another round. He helps her fill the glasses. Beer again for him, glass of wine for her and another double shot of whiskey for me. We park ourselves on the patio and talk, laugh and enjoy. I tease her I’ve been away several days and jokingly imply I’m ready for some fun. She has been acting so sexy and my head is full of imagined moments. I become bold and try coaxing her to take her clothes off for us. They look at each other and laugh. We all keep talking and having fun but I am becoming increasingly tired as I notice it is about midnight.

The next thing I know I wake up in the patio chair and I am alone. I’m disoriented, but after regaining my bearings, I glance at my watch. Four hours have passed. It’s 3:55 a.m. I assume he left and she went to bed. I head inside to the kitchen.

I see them both standing there standing next to each other. Very close but not touching, it’s as if they heard me moving about and just separated. She has changed into her night clothes. It’s not that he hasn’t seen her in night clothes before. It’s just that tonight she is wearing her thin fabric, low cut, oversized, long tee shirt. I can clearly make out that not only is she braless but her panties are off as well. I come in the room and they tease me about leaving them to have fun on their own. He says he had better hit the road and reaches down to give her a hug again.

Even though I turn away slightly again, this moment is burned into my mind. As he pulls her up from the waist her night shirt rises too. Her naked rear comes nearly into full view. Her neckline loosens and falls and most of breasts are now pressed against him as she bumps his face while being gently swung about. I realize I know what’s next as she slides down his body. I notice more of her beautiful body come into view as he holds her and the tee shirt slides up and she slides down. Her rear is completely open to view now and I can see it clearly and it is pink red.

She has almost lost all pretence that she is wearing a shirt at all. It has slid up and I can see the sides of her breasts and her neckline has fully fallen deep enough that her breasts are almost completely out of the top of her shirt. That of course means her lovely bush is now also exposed and now pressed against his leg. I begin to wonder if he is just going to strip my wife nude right there in front of me. They hold on to each other forever it seems and then release. Her shirt falls completely back into place. It’s as if it never happened at all. As usual, I remain slightly turned, really unable to watch any of this directly. But I did watch, I did see, out of the corner of my vision and from where I stood watching the reflection in the darkened kitchen window.

He speaks up and announces, “Well now, we did have some fun tonight.” I can’t tell if he means all three of us or just the two of them. She gives him a close hug and what seems like a lingering kiss and he takes off.

Still a little groggy, I am alarmed at his bold statement. But determined, I am intent to take my turn and pull her toward me. I start to give her a hug but she holds my arms softly away from her body and she gives me a little kiss. I go further pushing my arms past her uncommitted resistance. I start to feel the side of her body through her night shirt. I can feel how so very warm she is. I feel her begin to collapse into my grasp and I begin to pull her shirt up and run my hand from her hips, to her waist a finally along the swells of her beautiful breasts. She presses herself harder against me just as I am about to reach forward for her breasts. She sighs so softly as I run hand toward her pick red rear, I begin to think I will be rewarded but then she quickly starts to pull away as she has regained control of my arms.

“Honey it’s late and we had fun tonight. I’m really worn out now.” Again I wonder if she means all three of us or just the two of them. Then she adds a little laughingly, “Do you remember asking me to take my clothes off? Then you fell asleep.” The she giggles a bit. Then a little more seriously, “So after that, we did have some fun anyway. You don’t mind do you? Thank you for calling him to come for me again.”

I melt as she presses her warm body against me again. I nuzzle into her neck. I realize I can smell a hint of his after shave from their close hugs. Then she leans back and reaches up for my face and the back of my neck. She moves in closer with her lips parted as if she is about to speak but then gives me a deep, flavour-filled passionate kiss. She pulls herself away from my needy grasp. I stand there dizzy with need.

She heads to bed. I tell her I’ll be up in a minute. I put away a couple of things in my office trying to calm down. Then I notice a dampness. My jeans are damp where she pressed herself against me when we hugged. I sit down and try to collect my thoughts but my mind races. I decide to reread all the texts again as our conversation tonight glazes my thinking. It takes a just a few minutes then head to bed hoping she is waiting for me.

She is asleep. I try to sleep and I eventually do sleep but still deeply convinced again and yet exhausted and intoxicated with conflict, wonder and doubt over the texts and the four hours I slept on the patio.

So what do I do now. Should I let her have her playtime? She seems to be enjoying holding her implied evidence out for my discovery without coming out completely. She enjoys her secret. I find myself hard pressed to deny her pleasures.


Seems like you are enjoying yourself. All of you . It is your life to make your decisions.
Nobody can tell you what is good for you.
You know the best. Excellent and erotic story I must add.
And like it or not you should be a writer.

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