A Fog of Innocence Gets More Complicated

by FourHours

So the question remains. What do I do? As we move forward, our lives get more complicated.

A few weeks go by. Everything seems normal. Until one night she asks if I have talked to him. She openly asks where he is and when he is coming for a visit again. She repeats her ask three days in a row eagerly wanting him to come visit next weekend. She knows I have another trip out of town. She has his number. She could call him herself. She could keep it private. So I conclude she must want me to participate again in making her arrangement. So I did. I call him for her. We talk and catch up on various things. I drop in a comment about my schedule. I casually mention in the conversation she would like company again during my absents. He doesn’t address it directly but implies he might be up for some fun again. I can practically hear him smile over the phone.

I tell her later I did make the call. She asks “Will he come and visit?” I tell her about the conversation. I tell her he did not confirm precisely but he did say he might be up for some fun again. I tell her I’m sure they’ll have fun if she calls him and makes her arrangement again. It’s 9:30 p.m. She is in her night clothes. She smiles approvingly, comes over and softly presses herself against me. She asks “Do you think he’ll come for me?” I practically melt. She briefly allows me to get my hands under the sides of her night shirt and slide my hands along her soft skin from her waist, to her ribs, to the swells of the sides of her lovely large breasts. As I try to go farther she slowly pulls away. She thanks me for calling him and offers me a flirting yet controlled little smile and heads to bed saying she’s too tired.

Two days later she calls on the road to ask when he is coming over to keep her company while I’m gone. I clearly know she has his number. I tell her again to call and make her arrangement with him and go ahead and have some fun.

I am completely captured by this fog of innocence that clouds this charade. But it is clear she really wants me to know, be involved and approve. So this time without texting me she comes right out and says, “I don’t have his number.”

I am so shocked at her blunt denial, I am speechless for about ten seconds. Then I tell her “I’ll send it to you again.” I worry that my comment is too bold. But she ignores my acknowledgement that I know she has it. She simply just says, “thank you honey.” I look at my watch and notice it’s 9:30 p.m. But I can so the question remains. What do I do? As we move forward, our lives get more complicated.

Me: 9:54 p.m.: Sent the contact info by email from my phone.
She: 10:15 p.m.: Thx

My mind races into high speed a I assume he gets there by 10:45 p.m. But I guess I do hope they have “fun.” I wait again for her evening call. I wait, nothing. So finally I send the same test as I did weeks before.

Me: 11:30 p.m. Hey you… How’s it going.

I wait for hours, nothing. I cannot sleep I can only imagine. Finally, I hear my phone ping.

She: 2:48 p.m. Very good. Too much wine.

It’s four hours again and I never imagined she would be up until almost 3 a.m. There is no pretence of watching snl.

I know how she gets when she is up late drinking. She lets go. She gets so flirty and conversations get so physically close. Sometimes she lets her top fall open enough to accidentally show most of her breasts. With him around while she’s drinking she loosens up, plays and she just teases him till she is flush pink.

He often sits back and casually enjoys her little flirt. But it’s obvious he enjoys it and shows his interest by listening to her every comment and engaging her in close conversation and helping her with beverages in the kitchen while I wait in the living room. It seems that on these nights those hugs become so much more. So tonight I wonder after having “too much wine” where did the flirting lead, where did the hug lead. I answered so fast it was with in the minute she sent her message. I guess now she knows I was waiting up for her text alone miles away in a hotel room.

Me: 2:48 a.m.: Have some fun? Want me to call?
She: 2:51 a.m.: We did. In bed. Not now.

“We did,” not “I did.” This time no mention of him leaving at all. And her words paired with “In bed.” seemed so very, very clear to me. But with so many facts, I am left with no real clarity. I am barely able to contain myself from what I think I know. I am stunned at the late hour and the implied admission of his four hour stay. She hasn’t even tried to say he has left at all. I wanted to answer immediately, but I was so caught up in this new message and read it over and over again. I suddenly realized I had waited almost 20 minutes. I worried she would suspect I knew what was happening. I knew now I waited long enough to send a signal I was shocked and trying to decide how react to their extended, private evening and her messages. I took the innocent route again. I needed to hear her voice.

Me: 3:12 a.m.: Oh, OK?
She: 3:15 a.m.: Oops... I’m in bed. Fun night. Sleep soon. Call u tomorrow.

So there I am left only with my cell phone in hand and the few implicative words of text. Her words kept ringing in my mind’s ear and my mind’s eye as I read and reread the messages from both of my out town text conversations. Wondering again if what I did in encouraging them to keep each other company had now grown into a full blown personal encounter.

She seemed to have softly taken command of her personal and physical world. She is holding us both in balance. I was lured into providing her an opportunity and he is subtlety being allowed to command her surrender of favour.

What do I do? ally send his contact information again, just as she asked.


Perhaps you try to get involved? When not travelling, of course. Do you have sex with her as well?

Your writing is interesting. But elaborate on it, make it more different, perhaps.
What I mean is it needs more variety. To keep action going. Not repeating the same.

So what you do?

You know that better then us. You are enjoying it.

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