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Happy Relationship

Healthy relationship - dating is an important part of our lives. I believe it deserves special attention.

As such I went through many trials with various outcomes. I would like to share with you this valuable information. Why? Because it works. I'm not here to sell you miracle pills.

But... let's start in order.

Though so important, this is the page many of us would like to skip. Do you think it is because of dishonesty? Nope!

It is easy to write (or talk) about anyone else. But if it comes to me - ouch! This is the feeling of many publishers here on internet.

Imagine you are talking about yourself. If you know the feeling you understand why many sites avoid creating this page.

I decided I'll give it a go. It helps you to understand my motives behind the creation of this site.

It could be described very simply - I like quality life. It includes great relationship and great sex. Without it my life would have much less meaning.

However, with age this gets under threat. 'Things' as we call them, do not come as easily. Our abilities are not the same anymore.

Repeating myself - realization that I can't do things as I used to drive me crazy. I always wanted to be in control. And suddenly - BANG! 'Things' slowed down.

I hate failure.

Telling you the truth, no matter how much I studied and researched the results were not making me very happy. For a long time to come!

After many years I managed to achieve more than I imagined. There are few herbs and products which make that difference.

If I say few - that is few. Two - three?

The information on this site is free. It took me many years to perfect it.

You might continue with your own research. To perfect it even more and to ‘fine-tune’ it to your own needs.

Happy Couple

About us - When it comes to Healthy Relationship-Dating, the worst thing ever happened in my life was when I realized I couldn't do the things the way I used to years ago.

It was a horrible realisation for me. I always liked to be in control. Be the best. Be the first.... Are we similar in a way?

So I started a desperate search to regain control. When I was young I used to smoke - (I gave up smoking over 20 years ago). I used to do many unhealthy things we, youngsters, simply - do. However, I always did some sort of exercise.

As I grew older I become more and more health conscious. I attended various courses, studied acupressure, massage techniques, Bowen therapy. Practiced Qigong, Reiki, Karate and more. What I read about – I simply tested it. On myself. And I did this for years while recording the results.

‘Seeing is believing’. I did believe when I could see and feel (measure) the results on myself.

Here is the place I would like to share with you lots of my findings. In About Us I would like to show how much time went into these studies. There is nothing worse than reading all the offers on internet, try them all just to find out it made no difference to me (you).

During these years I weeded out the unwanted. It is likely some of the materials I will present or discuss here some readers won’t like. If this is the case, please, try to be open to ideas. We are all different.

About Us introduction is critical for understanding the approach and information quality of this site. In order to tackle the happiness we need to discuss some topics which might feel like a touchy subject. To avoid these means only avoiding a solution to our problem.

Life in Australia

If someone feels not right about the subject it is very likely it is because that person needs to address exactly that kind of information. One of the basic conditions of happiness is to stay open minded.

Do I have to say something else about me? More personal? Let’s try. Otherwise it wouldn't be about us!

I’m in my lower fifties (at the time of writing this page). I was very lucky that I was and I’m very healthy all of my life.

I always speculated about the following - clients go to see a doctor to ask an advice how to live healthy. You go to ask to a counsellor to solve your marriage problems.

However, the same doctor who gives you the advice is perhaps the least healthy person living on this planet. The counsellor who is giving you advice about your relationship might never have had one. Or his/her life is a complete mess...

As such, I honestly believe, I would ask someone who is healthy. I would ask one who is successful in relationship.

If I want to be a great bodybuilder I would ask advice from a person who succeeded doing it. This sounds ‘sort of’ logical to me.

I’m not discouraging anyone. Doctors are an important part of our lives. They are competent to diagnose and they provide us with great services. We would not want to exist without them. I wouldn’t!

But if I want to have good sex – I don’t believe there are many doctors walking on this planet who could advise me better on this subject.

‘I love my pleasure’ and I made sure I left no stone unturned. I’m still searching though. There is always something new and better waiting out there. You might be the one who will let us know about some new great herb, idea, name it...

I start to understand why many website avoid About Us page, now. It is much easier to write about others. Now let’s get to the ‘worst’ part. Have I tried unconsciously to avoid it so it comes as last? Perhaps. Here we are. I’m in my fifties. Originally from Europe I live in beautiful Australia.

I was married for over 25 years. After divorce I was looking for my true love. I found her, Selma - my wife, on the other side of planet (South America - Brazil). She is a VENUS of love.

Now to explain I’m not a ‘complete looser’ - you might say he has divorced and he wants to give me and advice about a relationship? (That’s what I would ask!!!...) But! I provide you more details. How about to discussing my divorce day?

It was a nice sunny day. I went to court with my wife. It took maybe 40 minutes of waiting (to get our turn) and five minutes to finalize the divorce. After the divorce we went together for coffee. We still meet often. She has a partner for over a year. They come sometimes to have a BBQ (barbeque) at my place (that is my –ex and her partner).

We were both happy with what we did. And the way we did it. My wish is for people on this planet are happy. If my story (or call it site content) will make 1 % of readers happier I will be satisfied. (None will be harmed by reading it!) That is my wish. (Business people call it a goal or mission statement... – it sounds good to me as well...- just perhaps too formal).

To have a better relationship we have to work on ourselves. It is not a one day process. It is never ending. It is highly rewarding, though. I hope About Us will provide a few with bit of inspiration.

Friendly Kangaroo

There are many obstacles in our lives. Let’s analyse them. Let’s make our lives happy.

I hope you find what you are looking for. If not – why don’t you tell us about it?

Thank you for visiting my site and taking your time reading About Us article.

Tibor Santa


Why Healthy Relationship Dating?

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