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Everything we need to know about average penis size, ideal size, natural penis enlargement and penis enlargement pills.

    • What is considered average?
    • Is average good enough?
    • Can we enlarge our penis?

We males are strange creatures. We always want more. And that is very true when it comes to the size of our penises.

As we want to be the best – we want to be the biggest.

Without being naive let’s face the facts. Let’s forget about wishful thinking. See the truth.
And that is so simple. Why to worry about what is average?

If something is average it does not mean it is the best. Same applies to an average penis size.

Knowing that I’m average does not change the quality of sex in my life. Am I seeking a solution here? Or I just want to confirm the ‘statistics’?

Statistics are simple – approximately 15-16cm (6 inches) in lengh; 12-13cm (5 inches) in circumference (girth)

Then, except an 6 inch average penis we have ‘tiny penis’, ‘short penis’, ‘micro penis’. Those luckier come under category with ‘big penis’ and ‘huge penis’. The good news is – we can change that.

What is the best way to enlarge (straighten) my penis?

You might look it up in

Penis Enlargement Bible or Penis Enlargement Guide.

Both are cost effective ways to enlarge (or straighten) your penis no matter who says what. It requires commitment, though.

Is An Average Penis Size Good Enough?

Average penis size allows you to have average sex!
With this we can answer the second question -

To have better sex we need a bigger penis.

This site is to point us to a direction. And I mean a positive one. If we want to change anything in our lives we need to be able to see the real truth. Only then we can make changes for better.

Reading about it will not do a thing. Action is required.

Can we enlarge our penis?

Sure, we can.

And this answer should put all of us in a more positive state of mind. It is everyone’s own decision and choice.

The following is the truth we don’t want to know, hear or read about – if we swallow all the pills on this planet it will not make our penis grow! Penis is not a tomato in a garden. Waiting to be fertilized and grow.

We are fed with this information because of our laziness. The manufacturer has the knowledge about us - such as:

    • We want a larger penis
    • We are lazy
    • We don’t want to do anything for it
    • They want to make money

How simple is that? Swallow pills and grow your penis according to a wishful chart! Good morning human kind! It just doesn’t work that way. Sorry!

If we want to have a larger penis it requires work. Yak However, we need to consider if it is worth an effort.

Imagine having an extra inch, two or more. How would it affect your life? Would it provide you with

    • Better Self-Esteem?
    • Satisfaction?
    • Better Sex?
    • Happier Relationship?
    • Much more?

One thing to remember. No doctor, no scientist, no one else feels what you feel. You are the one who sleeps with your lover. A doctor comforting you how ‘ok’ you are doesn’t help your suspicion to go away.

If things were ideal – there would be no questions asked at the first place. We would not worry about average penis size.

You can definitely enlarge your penis.

If you are serious enough the only way is to work for it at least 3 days a week. Penis enlargement for serious men (opens new window) is one of the places to visit.

It is not what many expect. How easy it would be to watch TV and grow our penises to whatever size we imagine!

The truth is - it works. You don’t need to keep buying any supplements. It is a sure way to go beyond just an average penis size! You have all what it needs to make it bigger – time.

Oh! Just remembered! Does Penis Size Matter? The End of the Penis Size Debate. (opens new window) is a war zone on a subject of penis size. Very entertaining. It also provides 'an ideal' penis size chart! As a matter of fact on a vagina size as well. It should be compulsory for all doctors, psychiatrists and councellors to read these posts on a daily bases prior giving advice to their clients. It should be a part of their education.

I promised to keep it short. You have all the answers on this page.


For great sex it is preferable to have an ideal size of penis and vagina. (Average penis size does not mean it is ideal from a woman point of view - or ours)

Penis enlargement pills are bogus. They do not contribute to any growth. They may contribute to penis ‘looking bigger’ (fuller). The same way Viagra does it - you get a full erection.

Average size penis does not mean it is good enough. It means most male penis sizes fell around that category. Unfortunately above average is what is better. It is preferable to have around 7 x 5.5 inches plus.

Penis size is important. Would anyone ask this question otherwise?

Men are an easy target – the penis is easily compared. Vagina has the same importance. Women can’t ridicule each other because they simply don’t know the sizes of their girlfriend’s vaginas.

Natural penis enlargement works. For those who dedicate their time to it. It will never work for a person who keeps reading and gathering tons of information instead. By sitting and reading. I can recommend it without hesitation.

Surgery is the last thing what penis should experience. To be avoided.

Penis size is a symbol of sexuality. This site is about Healthy-Relationship-Dating. It definitely improves any relationship for better, healthier and more loving.

Now, that I kept is so short and to the point, I might write about it in more detail on other pages.

No matter how much I’ll write or how much you’ll read. The above are the facts of life.

After studying thousands of pages we will come to the same conclusion – as per ‘summary’ on this page – size is important and penis can be enlarged. An average penis size is often not good enough to provide for sufficient pleasure.


You might visit the next page where we discuss penis enlargement in more detail Page on Penis Enlargement

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