Bacterial Vaginal Infection


Signs of a bacterial vaginal infection:

Is your vagina itching? Or does it sore inside? Or perhaps it burns when you urinate? If you have any of the above symptoms or in an addition have a white non smelling discharge it is likely to be due an imbalance of bacteria inside your vagina.

When larger numbers of yeast fungi prevail, it will result in a yeast infection for which in most cases Candida Albicans are responsible.

Under the normal circumstances Lactobacillus acidophilus keeps the healthy balance in check (these bacteria are highly essential in the digestive tract as well).

Though it is often quite obvious, bacterial vaginal infection may also be easily mistaken with trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis

For this reason it is a good idea to get it checked out and confirmed by your doctor. This is even more important If you have yeast infections several times during a year. In this case it maybe due to other health factors such as diabetes.

It is good to know the treatment is quite simple and infection alone is not dangerous; more of a nuisance and discomfort. The infection is not transmitted by sexual contact.

What contributes to yeast infection?

Avoid tight clothing especially from synthetic products which make you excessively perspired. After swimming or taking a shower dry your vagina. By reducing the 'access wetness' caused by e.g. water will help to keep vagina in good health.

Various chemicals which 'feel and look good' are actually bad for the health of the vagina. These are various perfumes, deodorants, scented tampons. In short, any product with added 'extra' scent should be avoided in this area.

Antibiotics and some contraceptive creams should be avoided.

Your doctor will prescribe you certain medication. You may also buy various creams and tablets over the counter to treat the yeast infection on your own. If this is the case beware of oral medications if you are pregnant.

On the other hand, some creams can be damaging condoms, so be careful when making choices.

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