Big is better if the guy is not a jerk

by Jenny

Mmm, I met this man a while ago. He was reasonably tall and his penis was really huge. But he was an asshole by any means. Needles to say I dropped him. Sex with him sucked as well. He thought he was a champion.

I have to admit a large penis looks impressive and it gave me shivers all over my body just to imagine having it deep inside me.
It hurt a little while but then it was pure pleasure. Unfortunately a guy was a jerk and that was the end of it.

Size matters. But I prefer having a great man with 6” than a loser with 9”. But! If I had a good guy with larger equipment I would choose him.

Currently I’m dating and my partner has something just above 6”. Around only 5”. We are having great time, his penis is very hard and he can ram me for long time. That satisfies me more than anything.

So guys don’t worry, just work on your character and perhaps spend more time in gym insead of drinking beer.
I’m 27 btw.

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