Body Language

Body language is an art. Very easy to understand and learn. Knowledge is our greatest tool. How many times you wished you could read a mind of the other person?

Of course, it doesn’t work that way. It would be too easy for many.

However, it is actually telling us what that person feels towards us in a given situation or persons she interacts with.

Imagine, you understanding how a person feels about you at the moment. Does she agree with you? Does she feel affection towards you? Love? Disagree? Agree?

And you will know all this just by the posture of that person.

How much edge would you have if you knew all of this? Yep. You bet it would help you in many situations.

It will help you in business, job interviews, flirting, love, relationships and life in general.

It is very simple to learn. There are many books on it. Actually you don’t need to learn it. It is so simple. Just to read about it once. I have noticed we use it unconsciously quite often. A bit of reading will do much more than that.

As there are many situations to be discussed the purpose of this article is to provide you with basic information.

I have included it under Relationship Advice for a simple reason -- It might help you to solve your relationship problems. It will help you to understand your partner better. This way you may prevent unwanted situations to happen.

If you are interested you may extend your knowledge in reading animals in a similar manner. There is always a ‘posture’ which corresponds to a possible outcome/response.

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