Buttocks Fetish

Pygophilia is a sexual attraction to the buttocks or buttocks fetish.

It does not mean it has to include anal sex. The individuals may achieve orgasm by rubbing their own buttocks against the buttocks of the other person.

Often it involves kissing, touching, licking or sucking. Or it may be as simple as a sight of a beautiful buttock which brings up the ecstasy.


The ideal place for a person under the spell of this paraphilia would be a beautiful beach full of women walking around in their exotic bikinis.

A crowded public transport would be the right place to 'get off' while rubbing against the unsuspecting sexual target's behind.

Buttocks were and are one of the most important parts of the female body receiving an immediate attention of many men.


Of course; women are subject to this fetishism as well. There are many who have a great expectation when it comes to man's buttocks and it may become one of their top priorities when selecting their sexual partner.

Greek: Pyge/buttock

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