Why I Cannot Lose Weight?

Lose-Weight Many of us are scratching our heads asking what could be the reasons why I cannot lose weight.

Recently there were several studies regarding toxins. These may contribute not only to our weight problem. They can add to other health issues such as unexplained headaches and loss of optimism and in general - simply just feeling miserable.

If we want to improve our mood, increasing our energy while at the same time loosing few pounds and cellulite from our hips we should seriously consider body detoxification.

Stress significantly contributes to a build of toxins in our system. We live in a world of medications, smoking, alcohol, use of unnecessary cosmetic creams and preparations, pollution and much more...

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If you are trying hard and you are still stuck in a situation you can't lose weight it is very likely the reason behind it is the build-up of toxins.

Once the body is cleaned from inside it responds better to healthy nutritious food. Energy level increases, immune systems keeps diseases in check, weight gets under control. It translates into healthier looks, beautiful skin and toned body.

If no diet works in your favour it is most likely the build-up of toxin is preventing your body to utilize the nutrition properly.

There are numerous ways of detoxification available to us starting from fasting and ending with special juice detoxification programs.

One of the very effective products is described in Bowtrol

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