Cause of Weight Loss

What is the cause of weight loss? Weight gain is caused mostly by intake of sugars (carbohydrates). Lose weight while eating over kilo (2 pounds) of meat a day and more… Then keep it forever.

We all like to see, compare, visualize. So this is how I went.

Started at 86.7kg; fat 35.5%; waste 44" (112cm)

Currently (still continuing): 74.9 kg; 22.1% fat; waste 38" (95cm)

Age 57; Male; In 2 months lost 12 kg (pure fat, not lean mass).

Now, after the introduction, that is the results, how did I got into this you may ask? It is essential to know the real cause of weight loss.

So, my wife went overseas for few months and my ex-wife "pushed me" into it. To look good once she returns.

I was on my stuff; that is every evening I had a bottle of red wine after work. I love bread, potatoes, chocolate, of course.

Now, all that had been scrapped from my menu for some time. But the results are impressive and it is definitely worthwhile.

If you want to lose weight and to keep it permanently off nothing stops you to follow the same path.

You might adjust according to your preferences to suit your appetite. I found it quite difficult at the beginning.

My ex luckily suggested me few things which became my daily food which I never eat before. Without it I would be lost.

If you are 'almost hooked' on alcohol (I like the taste, especially strong stuff)

Mannatech (opens new window)

is a great product to help your cravings to go away. And I mean completely - I don’t drink a drop of alcohol now. I need to create a page on it because it deserves it. (If you clicked on Mannatech link, go "Select Your Country"; "Continue" ; "Become a Member". Once on this page you may search on products.

More on Mannatech (opens new window)

In any case if you wanted to be healthy and have the best nutrition available, do not neglect this part.

I do not like any restrictions in movement and looks. And believe me once you are fat you can't even scratch your…

And on top of it my wife had a remark or two (that is weekly) about me getting fat! It was more than obvious she did not like the idea.

If you want to do anything in your life wait for the right moment. Once you start, don’t give up

So I made a decision.

As everything in our lives 'it' has a name. It's called a 'Dukan diet'. Let's not get scared by names.

Just follow it unless you want to stay same forever. Many famous persons follow it. One of them is Kate Middleton.

468x60 Great Low Carb Diet

After all and after a while I had to recognize the guy behind it is a true genius. He dedicated lots of time and research to our well-being and if he doesn't understand the cause of weight loss nobody does. If I'm not any better in it (which I'm not in this case), so I have to listen.

My ex gave me a book about it which I personally found overwhelming at a start. Luckily she wrote me step by step the essentials of it and I didn't have to go through lots of reading.

(Later I read it slowly and it became more clear, but still there is too much of it).

Most importantly I made a list of foods I could survive on. Products are available in Australia so you'll have to do your own search in your country.

The important part is how much carbohydrates (sugars) and fat it contains (it must be low in both).

I'll make a statement which perhaps nobody made, yet: Carbohydrates are the worst enemy of mankind. Cause of most (all?) diseases. And still in supermarkets you'll find loads of it.

Energy drinks are a perfect example.

I dare to say these products will cause more problems than alcohol, drugs and fat combined in near future.

But our governments have 'no knowledge' about it - and I wrote this in an absolute diplomatic language because they would deserve something else to be said. Actual cause of weight loss is caused by giving up sugars.

That is not saying I'm not a lover of carbs. Unfortunately I am as well. But stop using them and all of your problems will be gone - most likely (I'm not a doctor). Try and see for yourself. I did.

These are the descriptions and photos of products which should help you to get through various phases of weight loss.

Without a great cookbook to keep your weight down it would be difficult to exist forever. Especially when it comes to sweet stuff.

What will you achieve except weight loss and things going with it such as self esteem?

You will become healthy. Take blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis - any culprit you are suffering with will be gone.

Sugar is the cause of it. Once you cut off carbs for a longer period of time you will see, feel and measure the difference.

And there is more than just speculating on cause of weight loss and that is visible results! You can't imagine the joy once you fit into old clothes. Once you know the real cause of weight loss you will find it easy to control your weight.

And it all starts with Dukan diet phase - called attack phase!

We tend to be fat because our governments are feeding us with low fat - high carbs. How knowledgeable they are. All ads are revolving around low fat. But nobody cares about sugars which are the main cause of four problems. Somehow they've got it completely reversed.

Fat is healthier than carbs. If anyone doesn't believe it , time will show.

Low fat diet by itself has very little to do with cause of weight loss.

I was disappointed I could not eat fat though. Just proteins at the start. That is the deal.

And I had listened.

You can lose about 1 kilo (2 pounds) a week at the beginning. It is possible to regulate how much you want to lose. And you can cheat a little as well. But it will slow down the progress. I was (and still I am) craving especially for chocolate.

I found some lowsugar low fat choc products from 'Weight Watchers' on supermarket shelves. But be careful with them. If you misuse them they can bring you disappointment once you step on your scales the following day.

Also Dukan Shop sells cocoa with low fat.

And where to start? Find out how much is your true weight and work towards it.

Most people I know (including myself) lost about 14-15 kilos (30) pounds within3 months.

Of course, it depends on your personal situation and goals.

In Dukan diet you will learn about Dukan Attack Phase, Dukans Recipes, cause of weight loss and of course, there is no such thing as a perfect diet - have to put some effort into anything good.

Things that may 'cheese' you off: The major psychological issue is when you step on scales expecting weight loss and there is no change for better.

What happened?

You most likely lost fat (you are slimmer) while your weight hasn't changed. The following day you will lose weight, while your 'fat level' may increase a little.

It is a game of cat and mouse. As long you understand everything is going the right way it is ok. The easiest way about it is to get a scale with fat monitor.

The best cause of weight loss is persistence.

Don't get fooled. Don’t get carried away too much by your results. It will back fire.

Just to find out you have to work much harder to achieve your goals as ever before.

Once you achieve your goal, monitor your weight daily and when you see an increase for couple of days  start to behave again.

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