Too Clean Is No Good?

To be 'too clean' may prove to be a serious mistake. It can do opposite what we expect – make us sick. This is not we are taught by our parents about hygiene since our childhood.

If health is of any importance to you, please think about the following. And if you still don't believe it – you might try to do your own search on the subject.

Here we go...

Washing yourself too often with soaps and using antibacterial cleaners in household, may well lead to more disease.

Especially children are subjected to too much attention in this department.

Presence of bacteria causes to build up our immune system. As soon as we remove this microorganism, our body seizes to organize its defence. T-cell function will result in decreased immunological response.

In other words - you wash often - your immune system weakens - a bacterium pays you a visit - you get sick. You have no 'soldiers' there ready to protect you against the unwanted invader.

Now, you are perhaps laughing that I want you to be dirty and smelly. Noooooooo!!! It is not so at all.

It is very wise though to use soap as little as possible. For our body most of the time it is sufficient to shower with water only.

Let's look at more crazy ideas. You don't mind?

There are even suggestions not to use water at all. To use ultrasound showers instead of water. (This literally means the ultrasound would 'shake off' the dirty particles of our bodies...) As I live in Melbourne, I bet our government would invite the idea as we are quite short on water right now.

There is another disadvantage if you wash yourself too often and especially if you use deodorants in access.

Your own smell is suppressed. Smell is very important as an attractant to opposite sexes. More modern our society is - less sexy we are. It almost looks we will be like in science fiction movies having sex with holographic images?

We all talk about the importance of nature. We want things 'natural'. Do we really? Why don't we take example from nature then?

Imagine birds, cats, and dogs using deodorants and perfumes. How would they mate? Would they be looking for Chanel 5 instead of a female dog? But this is already a subject on pheromones ...

No matter how impossible it sounds. Too much of cleanliness is no good. Antibacterial cleaners cause more harm than good. We are generally too obsessed with it.

And nice perfume is not bad at all. But everything is to be used in moderation. It is important to preserve your own scent.

What is the lesson? Preserving own scent by using perfumes in moderation. Shower with water only instead of using access of soaps. Keep your home tidy and without the necessity of 'special antibacterial cleaners'.

Finally - do not hate me for telling you this - the truth. I mean well... You don’t need to be smelly and dirty... You still will be able to be ‘sparkly clean' while living in good relationship with those – ‘germs’.

We all have heard by now, there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ germs. By trying to eliminate the bad ones we will make sure we do eliminate the good ones as well.

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