Combating PMS

by Loretta Wollering of Internal Gardens Tai Chi
(Franklin, NJ USA)

I agree about the qigong. And it doesn't have to be Falun Dafa - there are MANY types of qigong out there ranging from "too gentle" to quite aerobic! Tai Chi chuan (taijiquan) is also efficacious, but is only for people that like to think - it's truly a practice only reserved for those who are not afraid of thinking deeply and philosophically.

Plenty of vitamin D and omega oils often "cures" pms - and these are cheap and easy to procure.

Also, I suggest women spend any free time, or just as they are ready to go to bed, to pop in their ipod and listen to ANYTHING positive and motivational, like Dr. Wayne Dyer audio books or podcasts, and other audio of that ilk. It sinks deep into the subconscious and keeps one positive.

By attacking the problem energetically/psychologically and physically, it is a surefire way to eradicate PMS / PMDD.

Good luck, everyone!
-Loretta Wollering

Tibor's reply:

Thanks, Loretta for you kind contribution. It sounds much better to hear it from a woman. Though I prefer writing about things I had personally experienced and confirmed, I'm not able to do that in this case. :-)

PMS is one of the subjects I have to use common sense and experience of people I can trust.

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