Common Mistakes of Women

Following are some of common mistakes of women when it comes to health.

In today's world of information technology we know it all. At least we think so. You are not worried about your weight as most of other women are. Though you might have strange tummy ache - it could be just from food. You keep fit but you avoid work out with weights. Who would want muscles? And we can keep on and on...

    Let’s not repeat some of our common mistakes:

    • It is well documented many women ignore symptoms of pain and tiredness. As a result their visit to doctor takes place after several months of delay. Canadian research of over two thousand women with ovarian cancer revealed half of them kept ignoring the symptoms over a period of three months!

    Do not ignore pain!

    • Eating salads sounds like a healthy proposition to me. However, watch out! This might not be valid if you are having salad in a restaurant in countries such as US. Due to dressings and saturated fat content the 'innocent looking salad' alone may have more calories than your full daily requirement. (One single meal!) Random tests in Washington DC revealed only 6% of salads served in restaurants were considered healthy. If something is named 'Salad' - it doesn't mean it must be healthy!

    • What a confusing subject can become when it comes to scales. Weigh or not to weigh? (Shakespeare's new play? - noooo) Some recommend - don't get addicted to daily measurements. The other's advice the exact opposite. Avoiding scales doesn't make us to lose weight. What it can do for sure - after several weeks we notice we gained too much! If we check our weight regularly we can avoid bad surprises and adjust our lifestyle at early stages. Do not avoid scales - the only difference it makes you notice any gains when it is too late!

    • When it comes to exercises women choose most likely various cardio-vascular workouts. Most avoiding any kind of weight lifting. This is due to a common misconception they would grow unwanted muscles. It is well documented a proper weight training program with light weights will tone up your body. It assists better to weight loss as well - it keeps burning calories long after you finished your exercise. Weight lifting if done properly may give you an irresistible body!

Let’s avoid repeating these very simple but still common mistakes of women.

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