Contraceptives and Incompatible Partner?

Using contraceptives may lead to a wrong selection between couples.

Women unconsciously choose partners based on their smell. Problem can arise while using hormonal pills. This causes according to British studies to change the perception of smell in women.

This means they may choose men whom they would generally avoid.

Under the normal circumstances women are attracted to a genetically compatible men with compatible genes and immune system - complementing each other. This assures natural selection and it provides ideal immune system for new born babies.

Hormonal pills change this ability of natural selection. Woman is not making an instinctive choice anymore.

This can lead to numerous problems.

Couples with natural choice have a better chance of having healthy children as well as less risks during pregnancy.

What will happen when a woman stops using them? Once her hormonal functions return to normal? She may completely lose interest in her man. It is likely she will not be attracted to him anymore.

Hormonal pills may lead you to a bad choice of your partner.

According numerous studies women have a tendency to prefer men with a different set of genes called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) which is responsible for immune system. Using hormonal pills causes to change preference in favour of men with similar genes.

This can cause a severe problem in relationships. Smell plays a very important part in sexual attraction between partners.

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