Couples and Sleep

In our article – Couples and Sleep -- we look at the way how couples sleep and how their body (bed) language is related to their actual relationship.


Most of us have heard about the body language. Then this one must be definitely named - 'Bed Language' --- if we are to describe our ‘posture’ in bed. (To make sure I run a search on 'Bed Language' - I found nothing - sounds good to me...)

There are many things in our lives we just take for granted. We know about their existence while we don't really think about them. We don't analyze them. They are left unnoticed. Till....

Till the day we happen to read or hear about them. Someone else did the 'analysis' for us. Let's find out more in Couples and Sleep.

When I read some books, articles and research about how couples sleep together, the first thing came across my mind was to name it --- 'Bed language'. These words describe it perfectly.

The other thought was a fear I might start analyzing my pattern with my partner. There is that worry of 'picking up some ideas' and things which did not irritated me before - -and now they might will. Because - - now -- I know about them...

Have you ever had a similar experience? Such as which way should the perforation on the toilet paper roll be situated? Closer to you or to the wall?

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I never thought in my life this could be a cause for an argument between couples. Once I read about it - - yes, I started to notice and it started to irritate me as well...

One other example... I never felt the urge to urinate when I heard water dripping, running, rain - or, anything similar to it (believe it or not). Till one day someone told me about it.

How much more 'psychological' we can get? :-)

And now we have available research materials about what people do in bed - before they fell asleep, how they sleep. What they like - what they don't.

For example professor Rosenblatt interestingly describes the ways couples sleep. How happy couples go to bed at the same time even they have a different sleep patterns. They can talk things over before sleep, make love....

Behavior in bed can tell a lot about any couple. If they hug (e.g. one facing the back of the other) there is a connection between them.

Sleeping back to back while touching each other means there is a strong sexual bond between them while they respect their own space.

If they sleep on the other side of the bed especially back to back - it is almost certain the love is gone and not only from the bed...

Snoring and talking from sleep can force two lovers to sleep in separate bedrooms. If there is any major disturbing factor which would give one of the partners a hard time to enjoy sleep, this shouldn't be neglected.

There are many more variants of the way how we behave during our sleep. Couples and Sleep is just a small ‘reminder’ of what everything we have to take into consideration while being in a relationship. While some of us do not care (we are just simply happy); for some it may cause true nightmares.


At the end of the day we both deserve quality rest.

If you are interested, there is more on Body Language on this page

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