Decreased original size in penis

by Quicksilver
(Augusta Ga)

What can be done to make penis return to the actual size it always has been?
If there is anyone who is reading this who still gets erection only not even half its regular size and has found anything that will just accomplish this, I would greatly be in your debt.
Ungrateful for what I


You didn’t mention your age.
But it doesn’t make a difference for the answer. Men’s penis gets a little smaller at later age.

There are penis enlargement programs (natural penis enlargement) which many don’t believe they work.
It is possible not only to prevent any decrease in penis size; you can actually make your penis larger than it ever was.

You say your erection is half the original size. That looks unrealistic. The usual decrease in size is less than an inch.
Gaining weight can cause it as well because the part of the penis is hidden under the fat in pubic area. If this is the case it is enough to lose weight to get the rest of penis exposed.

In any case natural penis enlargement is perfect in your case.
If you are on the ‘lazy’ side of the scale the second choice would be penis extender (traction device).
This has to be worn for many hours and with tension applied to your penis it will get it longer (and thicker as well).

Check pages on penis enlargement in more detail. It is all true.

If you have a problem getting hard erection then you need to look at articles about impotence . Either Viagra or Maxidus (or both together) will solve the problem of weak erection and at the same time will improve libido.

Other option: Doctor can prescribe you testosterone gel if erection is a problem.
Try what is best for you and after a while keep us posted so we can comment.

Remember, these things take time. Same as the situation gets worse for a long period of time it requires many months to reverse it.

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