Depression and Salt

Salt for Depression or Salt for Heart Attack? - which one?

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Another example of research we may interpret either way...

Using little salt may do us harm!

Let's talk about one subject first. British Institute for Consumer Standards states an average person should use approximately 6 grams of salt daily.

Though most of us use salt in access, new American studies show we should not drastically reduce our salt intake.

Researches in USA proved; while studying the effects on rats; they lost pleasure from ordinary activities once the intake of salt was reduced. The decrease in sodium contributed to signs of depression.

However, too much of salt causes increased blood pressure. With it comes increased danger of heart attack and brain hemorrhage.

Sault works on the other hand as an antidepressant. Now we have a new scientific 'advice' - we should use a bit of salt...

Our body receives most of it (approximately 60-70 percent) from food. The rest should be supplemented.

If we interpret it - more salt equals better mood and more heart attacks, arteriosclerosis and hemorrhages. Little salt equals depression and no heart attack.

It is important to know our own body and use common sense. To eat and live healthy, exercise and use everything in moderation.

It would be only logical if we had high blood pressure to decrease or eliminate salt from our diet. And on a contrary, if we had no problem with blood pressure and felt depressed, we use more salt.

That should please both of the scientific research camps, but most importantly - our own well-being.

One note on processed foods with high content of salt. Be careful with some pre-packed instant food - especially soups and noodles. Also watch out for dark chocolate.

Do not exceed recommended daily intake of salt of 6g (1 teaspoon). This contains approximately 40 percent of sodium.

Read labels on products you buy.

Goods having higher content than 1.25 grams of salt per 100grams are very high in salt. Those with content less than 0.25 grams per 100 gram are low in salts.

Herbs come to rescue. You can use them instead to spice up your food.

I had noticed when in Japan, I had no desire to use salt at all. Various herbs, radish, horseradish, etc. made food taste good without need for additional changes.

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