Diabetes and Impotence


Diabetes and impotence is quite common. Over half of men with diabetes also suffer with impotence.
There are ways to reverse impotence if the problem is addressed.

Firstly, it is important to keep diabetes under control. It requires regular check up with medical practitioner and regular tests.

Only then we address the cures for impotence. It is easy to advice a person to eat healthy, exercise and change lifestyle – but it is not so easy for most of us in practice, though.

Diabetes has a negative effect on erection. It contributes to constricted arteries, reduced blood flow and damage to nerves. Regulation of nitric acid release is impaired.

Penis requires a good blood supply to be erect. Damaged nerves (transmission path) will further reduce the sensitivity and the actual excitement with it.

Impotence can be reversed in most cases. It is very important to seek medical advice especially while taking medications for diabetes.
Always consult your doctor prior to taking any supplements as well.

Diabetes is only one of the possible impotence causes.

Stress, smoking, alcohol, bad dietary habits, lack of exercise, high LDL cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, these all contribute to impotence.

Diabetes, impotence and depression are closely related. Lack of libido and erection problems will cause more stress. This in turn results in less erection and more depression.

There are no vitamins for impotence.

Is there a natural impotence cure? How to have good sex then?

Controlling diabetes and curing impotence by following the advice of your medical practitioner. If possible eliminate stress, smoking, alcohol, bad dietary habits and exercise according your abilities.

Impotence treatments may include only one single natural impotence drug or herbal male impotence supplement.
Taking one of these in combination with Viagra will do more than improve impotence. It will increase libido. Viagra alone will not provide for libido or desire.

You may combine this product with Libido Booster


    • Viagra will assist erection.

    • Supplement will make you ‘feel’ desire or to have libido. (It also assists for erection. Viagra will assure it will not fail. It is good to start with less; such as 1/4 of tablet in case of Viagra).

Health is very important. Always consult your medical practitioner for proper advice.

Final note: Do not fell for vitamins and herbs which will never work (and they never had).

I would appreciate your comments and your experiences. Was this article of any help to you on the subject of diabetes and impotence?
Thank you.

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