Do men still want to have sex when they have erectile dysfunction?

by Ann C

Just wondering. Is there anything I can do? We are both young, in our thirties???

Tibor's reply:

The answers in most cases is YES!
If a man has ED it doesn't mean he has no desire for sex.

It is of upmost importance to realize (for women) that men still feel great sensation even though they do not have an erection.

The problem here will be that a man will have feeling of failure; not able to satisfy his lover.
This will manifest in sex withdrawal or more stress resulting in even less erections.

Communications will become difficult for a simple reason: no man likes to admit he has a problem in sex department.
There are endless cases women feel helpless because they partners do not show interest and they avoid having sex completely.
They suspect their partners of being gay or unfaithful. In many cases they even interpret it as they themselves are not attractive any more.

The subject is sensitive and the best way is to seek medical advice and counselling to determine the cause.
Also, there are excellent articles how to increase libido for both women and men.

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