Do Pheromones Work?

Do pheromones work? What are human pheromones? Do human beings have pheromones? What is the definition of pheromones?

Human pheromones do attract regardless of sexes. And they may significantly improve our chances of dating.

But it is not as simple and straight forward. It is great to familiarize ourselves a little more on the subject.

Do pheromones work in real? Or is it only a myth?

We don’t think of them in our everyday lives. If we knew how important part they play in our relationships we would re-evaluate our thoughts – very fast!

In modern society they are losing their power. The truth is we ‘wash away’ most of the pheromones our body produces. (We will get into hygiene later, under health... – you will not like it either.)

Before we continue - A WARNING! For us MEN!

Women’s sense of smell is many times better developed from ours! You might don’t feel a thing but a woman might detects a disgusting smell.

Never assume you are ok just because you don’t smell it! No woman will want to be close to you if you make that mistake.

Each ‘creature’ has his/her unique smell signature containing various chemicals. The effect is either attraction or repulsion towards other party. The impact will vary from insignificant to huge.

Because we don’t tend to think about ourselves, let’s look at animals for a second. They detect each other from their scent (sexual attraction). A male can smell the female on large distances.

We humans tend to cover up our smell. That’s the today’s trend. The art is to learn not to have a bad smell while preserving your own scent. Pheromones in humans play a great role in our lives and sexual attraction.

I had noticed articles where gay men and lesbians ask questions if pheromones have an effect on the same gender. Do pheromones work in this case? They work in any direction. You may attract whatever you decide.

I love nature and natural things. As such I always believed the natural scent is the best. There are few things to remember.

    • Our own production of pheromones declines with aging

    • We can improve our ‘scent’ – e.g. from a regular practice of Qi Gong

If we don’t want to go into too many exercises and changing our diet the only way is to find a good source of pheromones. My favourite one is from Love Scent (opens new window)

They have the best stock from various manufacturers of human pheromones. They supply unscented pheromones as well as pheromones cologne. You may order free pheromones sample from this site.

It is great to mix these and to create your own blend of pheromones perfume.

These products sometimes work and sometimes not.

It was a month ago. I’m over fifty. I had a beautiful sales girl at my premises. She was twenty nine. An hour prior she entered the office I applied some cologne with some pheromones in it. I did not plan it. As a matter of fact I completely forgot about it as well.

That woman told me she was engaged to be married. I would not make any advances. But what was happening was more than unusual. She didn’t want to leave. At the door she kept talking and was attempting to return several times.

Finally I got cheeky and told her with a smile and a sense of joke: ‘Woman, just go, go, please!’ Should I mention she forgot her calculator on the desk?

This did not happen because of me. I knew it. She was good looking and tall – same height as me and almost half of my age. I had several cases like this before happening to me. It was a clear effect of pheromones.

Using pheromones to attract women definitely works. And women can use pheromones to attract men in a same way.

When we compete for an affection of other person scent plays a great supportive role. It does not mean if I load myself with it I can marry any woman I choose at the shopping mall!

It helps to ‘break the ice’ at the first meeting for example. It may make the person feel comfortable next to you. Or it may create a strong sexual attraction. Whatever is the case – it gives you an opportunity to meet a person which would otherwise ignore you completely.

Honestly I don’t believe any manufacturer would be able to give you what you exactly need. The results will vary from person to person.

You need to experiment to get the right blend for a particular person you have on mind.

There are both female and male pheromones.

They definitely contribute to improve our own image and odds of choice of a partner. With an existing partner it will significantly enhance the attraction (bond) between two.

To answer the question - Do pheromones work? –the best is to see and experience it on our own.

It is like giving flowers to a woman. Or chocolates. More you do – more pleasurable the experience will be for her.

Roses smell nice. Chocolates taste yam. "Phero's" - make you smell sexy. (You choose the right blend!)

The overall experience is - WOW!

To questions such as ‘do human beings have pheromones?’ there is a simple answer: YES!

Do pheromones work? YES! There is a science about it. For us it is enough to know how to use them and which ones. This is very personal and it requires testing at least two - three different ones. It is recommended to participate in forums to get feedback from other users of pheromones.

Do pheromones work only in different situations?

I personally recommend pheromones for business purposes as well. You can make a better deal. Pheromones can be of great assistance at a job interviews. At places where you deal with others.

Love Scent is so far the best site I came across.

If you like to study more on the subject here you will find good Books on Pheromones.

Do pheromones work? The answers is a definite YES.

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