Drinking Water

Drinking water - do not drink unless you are thirsty!


The common propaganda to drink eight glasses of water is proven to be wrong.

This is one of the two subjects which haunted me for many years. I believe water is good for our health. But I also believe in Chinese Medicine which had proved itself over thousands of years. I grew up in Europe and I was brought up the same way. Drink water half an hour after meal or exercise. I was told.

When I was practicing Japanese karate (I was 35 at a time) it was based on the same principle. I remember one Saturday we went for grading. It lasted for three hours. Not a drop of drink. Hundreds of kicks, push-ups, lot of fighting, name it.

Suddenly I see everyone running around with bottles, sucking on them while driving... I was at a loss. Scientific studies were proving how important it was to drink over two litres of water every day. No matter how believable it sounded why I should drink that much water if I simply don’t want it?

Should I mention the manufacturers of bottled drinks are the ones who supported all this nonsense?

Science came to my rescue.

Australian authorities are one of the strictest in the world when it comes to any medical or health related claims. I can safely say they can be real pain in the '...' you know where!

I have to pay them a great respect for the following article. No matter if we drink like elephants our skin won’t look any better. But we even may accidently die in a process. The study is from Pennsylvania.

I mentioned, I want to keep this site easy to read. My message is – drink when you are thirsty. It is so simple.

You may read more about it on Australian Kidney Foundation (opens new window)

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