Erectile Dysfunction and Medications


The relationship between erectile dysfunction and medications is often due to an unwanted side effect of various pills which currently can't be overcome. But there are cases when we have choices.

Though doctors know about it, many times, they don’t have other option but prescribing them. Or they simply don’t pay enough attention to it.

Except using various common drugs such as marihuana, cocaine and most frequently alcohol, there are numerous medications which may cause impotence in males.

Various inhibitors and antidepressants, sleeping pills, narcotics and sedatives are the most common ones causing loss of libido or erection problems.

However, even common medications for blood pressure may result in decreased libido.

Therefore it is important to talk to your doctor and ask him to give you medications which are not effecting your sex life in a negative way. You can avoid in many cases having unwanted sexual problems. But unless you let your doctor know it may go unnoticed.

Many women complain about this fact because they require regular sex from their partners. Men, on the other hand are often too shy to bring up the matter because it is their manhood at stake, after all.

The biggest problem is that this happens to all age categories including adolescents; and young teenagers can be very unsecure asking these sorts of questions.

If you experience erectile dysfunction erectile dysfunction after taking certain medications the easiest way is to search on internet for their side effects. Once you conform the source of the problem try to find a similar medication without this unwanted side effect.

And then you should visit your doctor and explain him your worries.

A little talk may save your marriage or a relationship. Not mentioning restoring your confidence.

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