Exercising the Penis and Sexual Health

Exercising the penis assures good supply of oxygen to inner spongy bodies. Though penis is not a muscle; by using it less the chances of becoming dysfunctional will increase.

To have quality erections penis should be frequently used. Erected penis is supplied with abundance of oxygen which is important in keeping penis’s spongy bodies in healthy condition.

Numerous studies point to this direction – more and longer lasting erections men have, healthier is the penis. To have quality erections it is important to have long lasting erections on a daily bases.

Studies also confirm the relationship between good erections and the sexual frequency. Those having firm erections have also more frequent sex or longer masturbation. Men having less frequent sex (penis exercise) tend to have more penis erectile dysfunction problems. What makes it worse; less sex they have – more problems they have.

Frequent erections in sleep are one of the examples how our bodies make sure penis is getting enough oxygen. Once there is a decrease in sexual activity inner bodies do not get sufficient oxygen supply. It worsens the response of its spongy bodies and chemical reactions along with nervous response decline. This decreases the sensitivity and the ability of arousal.

Rodents spending time in an enclosure with higher concentration of oxygen tend to have better erections and more frequent sex. This fact is also observed with mountain climbers spending time in higher altitudes. This causes increase in the number of red cells responsible for oxygen supply in our body. Once they return to normal altitude their spongy bodies have a better supply of oxygen resulting in better erections.

Studies further confirm sexual intercourse has better effect on erection compared to masturbation.

Based on fact the masturbation takes shorter time what translates in shorter duration of erections. Other important factors are such as connection between man and woman, exchange of fluids, ‘neural circuits’ and simply – flow of energy – Chi. This is absent during masturbation.

Exercising the penis may take a form of a frequent regular sex, masturbation or; if you have concerns regarding the size you will make up for it in ForSize (opens new window) It has many good penis enlargement exercises. Most importantly forums. These are great help for motivation.


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