Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation

Let’s briefly describe female ejaculation; a topic less talked about only a few years back (though it was acknowledged for centuries).

For those interested, the news is female ejaculation can be easily learned.

Some statistics show 30-40% of women experience ejaculation. Most of them do so without realizing it. The amount of fluid maybe so small it can be mistaken with vaginal lubrication.

Seeing is believing. There is nothing to lose. And nothing to buy.

Simply follow the instructions. There are websites which go into an extreme detail on the subject. As it is an important part of our lives it is necessary to include it in site content.

I will only briefly touch on the subject.

In some cases it leads to problems between couples as it can be easily mistaken with urinating. Even medical practitioners in many countries have not much understanding or knowledge about it. This may lead to stress as a woman may think there is something wrong with her.

And yes, it can lead to misunderstandings and even to leaving a partner due to lack of knowledge.

It is documented lesbians experience ejaculation more readily. This is due to more frequent stimulation of clitoris and G-spot with fingers.

Ejaculate and urine are of different chemical compositions. It is also possible to have a ‘reverse ejaculation’ when the fluid is re-directed to bladder. Volume of fluid greatly varies from few millilitres to approximately 300-400 millilitres.

Despite numerous studies there is no evidence what is the 'reason' of having ejaculation for a female. However, it leads to heightened level of pleasure during orgasm. While for some couples it is undesirable, there are others who feel the exact opposite.

The following is a great video explaining how to master it:

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