Female Masturbation

Find out the facts about female masturbation. Is it causing you any harm? Is it a disease? Do women masturbate less than men?

In numerous nations this subject is still a taboo. As the information on internet is accessible to everyone we have to respect this difference.

What is considered normal in one part of the world it is not necessary same in a remote town on the other side of the globe. Female masturbation has a different meaning here.

Each of us (most of us - there are always exceptions) feel a need for a pleasure. When it comes to masturbation it is mostly assumed men are the ones who do it often.

This assumption is not completely correct - men just admit it easier. Women tend to be more reserved and shy in discussing the subject of masturbation.

Even in most advanced countries almost half of the population considers masturbation as a wrong and harmful activity. There were times when medical world labelled it as a psychological problem or even a disease. Lucky we have progressed a little ....

On a contrary to these believes female masturbation has numerous therapeutic values. It is a completely natural response to our needs. For many women this is one of the most important ways how to learn to orgasm.

Many women agree masturbation is the surest way for them to achieve it.

Females are very different in sensitivity to stimulus. It may require special mental stimulation; or; just simply a slightly different angle, pressure and speed during masturbation (or intercourse). Small details can make that difference.

Most of those which masturbated at an early age have learned to achieve orgasm. They have no issues with it later once in a partnership.

When it comes to stimulus females don't need to have very different reasons from males. It might be a simple thing -- a phone call -- sexy male voice.

Some misconceptions about masturbation:

    • Men masturbate often. Women seldom. Women just don't admit it.

    • It is harmful. A disease. A bad habit. It is to satisfy personal needs (Perfectly normal).

    • One should not do it at an early age. There is no 'early age' - it comes with personal urge.

    • There are different needs between females and males when it comes to masturbation. They both need it. Aren't they both equal human beings? It depends only on personal needs.

    • It should not be done often. Each person has different needs. Many sources say you can do it as often as you want. I would adjust this statement: Do it when you need it. (The reason for this 'adjustment' is because there are individuals who do it to the point of absolute exhaustion - as nothing else would exist).

Women say from experience:

    (ages between 29 and 38 years old, professionals)

    • When I was a teenager I have reached orgasm many times during my exercise sessions. At first I wasn't sure what exactly was happening -- I found out much later...

    • I'm more sure when I do it by myself. I just don't have it always during a regular intercourse...

    • I enjoy sex with my partner. But it not always ends with climax...

    • Lately I do it sometimes in front of my window. I do it on purpose. It excites me when I know someone might be watching me...

    • It wasn't only a few times I caught myself doing it on a freeway...

Female masturbation is a part of healthy living. It assists in self development, exploring and learning body’s needs and responses. Often it is the only way how to achieve orgasm.

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