Flirting Mistakes of Men

Let's look at common flirting mistakes of men. We want to make an impression on a woman we like. She looks interested in you at first. Suddenly it all changes for no apparent reason.

You have not a slightest clue what had happened. Have you done something typical what women dislike? We get punished severely for committing any flirting mistakes.

There is only one possible solution – to avoid making them.

You talk about your ex... (Oops... I did it as well!!!)

It is fine you stayed great friends. You get excited whenever you see a woman with similar figure. Or; she slept with your best friend... Without requiring much psychology, this is a sure way how to lose her interest.

If you reverse roles (imagine she talks about her ex), how would you be interested in how good he was in bed for example?

Pushing too hard

One of the very common flirting mistakes.

Flirting Man Insisting

You will find out sooner or later, less you want it - sooner you will get it. I never understood (or perhaps I did but I didn't want to) this for many years. Once you temper your patience you will find a woman you want so badly is actually almost trying raping you...

The only thing required from your side is to slow things down. She will take over...

Every woman has her own personal limits - when, how and where. They have different 'clock-timing'.

This has to be respected.

Show off

We all want to impress the woman we like. If we don't - others will. However, there is a fine line between 'impress' and 'show off'.

Women dislike weak men. On the other hand boasting about your achievements will achieve exact opposite. Talking about you too much in an inappropriate way will put her to sleep.

You are not listening to her

A typical men's syndrome... Don't we have it all? It looks like we are experts in this department... We men have different agenda on our minds. While she is talking about some distant subject our minds are already in a bedroom...

Or; you have some difficulties at work. And your thoughts are half way there.

How can she expect us to listen about her 'womanly' problems, ideas, work? How can we concentrate when we have that beautiful 'creature' in front of us?

You can bet on it as soon your attention changes a direction - she will be the first to know. Once she notices you are not listening she will translate it into two words – ‘no interest’ from your side...

Bored Woman on Date

Talking too much (especially about yourself)

It is a proven fact we like the most the ones who are willing to listen. So listen. Show interest. Ask many questions about her. Ask about her life, friends, family, interests and work. And, yes, listen!

Why? You want her to like you... That's the idea.

More flirting mistakes? Why not...

You are paying too much attention to other women

The best safeguard here is -- do not even notice other females. Treat them like transparent air. If you think you can be a little polite to other women; or; to make some innocent comments -- again -- wrong.

Especially at the beginning this will not be tolerated. She needs to have a feeling she is the 'only one'. There is no way around it.

Most of these ‘rules’ apply while interacting with others as well; not just women. It is important at work, in friendships -- in everyday situations.

Avoiding those flirting mistakes once for all will make your dating odds look much better.

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