Flirting Tips for Shy Girls

Flirting tips for shy girls to improve chances to find a relationship they wish for.

First, a little about flirting. As an expression, flirting indicates an interest towards other person. It is maybe of a romantic or of a sexual nature. Again, it may be casual or long term interest.

Body language, smile and eye contact may be sufficient to initiate a conversation leading to more personal interaction.


Because men may generally interpret women’s body language differently it is recommended not to send them wrong signals. Such as; a longer eye contact; or; smile which could be misinterpreted in a wrong way.

In order to show an interest in someone, it may start with a brief eye contact lasting a second or so. If the particular person holds the eye contact or he looks away and looks back again it is a good sign he is interested.
If you follow up with a short smile it shows the other person you like him.

Even a person who is not normally shy can have difficulties establishing a contact with a stranger. If you feel shy let him to do it for you. But make sure he knows you ‘want him’. As mentioned few eye contacts and smiles should encourage your men to approach you.

Perhaps the man of your desire likes you but because you are shy he can interpret it as you have no interest in him whatsoever. And that is why it is so important to give him some encouragement.

There is more to flirting tips for shy girls.

What happens when he approaches you? It can be absolutely mind boggling to work out what to say at the moment. So what you do? Relax. Clear your head. Say ‘hi’. And say what you have on your mind – naturally. Almost any subject what just comes up to your mind will do. More you concentrate on preparing your lines, more likely you will do badly.
It will give an opportunity for the guy to have a subject to talk about without a need to make up silly ‘pick-up lines’.

At this moment the most important part is your and his body language. Keep a comfortable distance, regular eye contact (though not staring at face for too long) and give him few smiles.

Once you establish a conversation speak what you have on mind. Do not try hard to work it out what you want to say. Be natural. Of course, do not get too personal for now.

Let’s continue with some more clues on flirting tips for shy girls.

Light and short touch will make it feel more friendly and personal. By touch, at this stage, we mean upper parts of body (hand, arm, shoulder...)

You need to show an interest in him if you have some intentions. It does not mean that you must love his ‘speech’ about motorbikes or rockets. If he talks about the subjects you are not interested in just tell him politely that you are not into that and if you could talk about different topic – such as; you would like to know what he does on weekends, what he likes in girls, or what he likes to eat...

This will provide you valuable information about him while you do not have to listen to theory of relativity. It is important you talk about things you are both interested in. Otherwise it will become a one way and highly uninterested conversation leading to a departure of one of you.

It is not necessary to have everything in common. He might like football while you love catching up with girls and doing some shopping. If this is the case you just respect each other’s different interests and needs.

Other positive signs of body language include if two people are leaning towards each other, feet pointing towards each other. Men tend to ‘brush’ their clothes, while women stroke their hair when they like the person.

In anything the most difficult part is to start something. Flirting tips for shy girls will work only if you initiate it. Perhaps a guy will look at you. He might look several times. Find courage and look back. A little smile will do a miracle.

No matter how great flirting tips are, they alone will not help. Unless you are prepared to implement them.

It will tell him it is ‘ok’ to approach you. You need to send this signal if you want to be approached. In some cases you might encounter a guy who is shy as well! Or; he will be confident to approach you without any fuss.

Most people need relationship. They need love. Many times we ignore these small but important signs. Just to lose someone who would become maybe the most important person in our life. And it needs only -- ‘a simple smile’ on your part.

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