Girls Fart

A rare fetish, most common with males who love girls fart. Also called Eproctophilia. What sounds disgusting to some is a great pleasure to others.

In any case it is much safer than coprophilia (scat fetish). The sound or smell of the fart can make some people feel in heaven.

No matters how the person is shy about the fact having this rare fetish, the desire is stronger and it will conquer even the strongest person. It is more or less genetic and trying to ‘get rid of it’ is useless and counterproductive. It is far less demanding to find a suitable lover.

The best solution is to find a partner with similar fetish, or; a partner who doesn't mind to give away some sexy fart or a fart in face.

Other combinations involve fart domination, pregnant fart, toilet fart and all sorts of fart fantasy.

I've read stories where guys sleep under the blanket near their loved one in an expectation she would fart in their face. While others ask their girlfriend to sit on their shoulder and fart while in that position. Fart fetish is not limited to guys only. It maybe a female seeking a male to fulfil her sexual dreams.

Fart domination is possibly the easiest way to practice it. You are in charge and it can be a way to 'punish' your slave.

The possibilities are endless.

When thinking about it, it must be extremely difficult for a person to find someone with a similar fetish no matter what it is.

Feel free to advertise here for a partner. While we cannot publish your e-mail details for the time being, we will do our best to pass the information to people interested.

If there will be enough demand we will improve on it and do it more efficiently.

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