Great Sex


To have great sex we need:

    • Good Erection
    • Desire (High Sex drive)

To achieve it we need:

    • Supplement to improve erection
    • Knowledge How Much to use and When

In Male Erection we discussed the way of achieving good, rock hard erections.

In Libido we discussed how to increase sex drive to the point you will get strong orgasm and ejaculations.

You may need to experiment to adjust to your personal needs.

Great Sex - step 1: (Good Tongkat Ali is expensive and it is not easy to justify its purchase).

If you are drinking (using) Tongkat Ali take it approximately 5 hours prior to sex. (I use usually about quarter to half a teaspoon of 1:200 extract) You might drink it as a tea or take it in a capsule. I assume you are using extract from TongatAli (opens new window) or a similar quality source.

The quantity depends how you use it. (You might be using it on a daily bases in several doses. Tongkat Ali will naturally boost your libido, testosterone levels, improve immune system). As with everything it is a good idea to give it a rest in a while. (After taken it for some time you might rest for a week or so).

As a result of above you will have forceful ejaculation and great orgasm. And it all comes with a HUGE DESIRE! And Great Sex!

You will never achieve this with hundred tons of Ginseng, Viagra, Muira Puama, Damiana or any supplement as a matter of fact.

Do I sound positive? Sure I do.

Step 2:

Take one or two capsules 1-2 hours prior sex of sex enhancement pill to increase libido. As with anything else – emptier your stomach is – faster will be the effect. In other words it should be taken preferably before food.

This will make you have both desire and increase erection. If you have no Tongkat Ali simply combine enhancement pill and Viagra.

Step 3:

To make absolute sure to prevent a failure (especially with a new partner) Take 1/4 to 1/3 of Viagra one hour prior to sex.

Step 4 (Optional): (No need to use)

For an extra ‘spice’ take 1-2 capsules (depending on strengh – always start with lower doses; 5-10mg) of Yohimbine.

Read important note on Yohimbine before considering it.

Step 5:

Enjoy sex. You are ready to perform.

Of course, we may still improve. Better we will become – better partner we can have.

Here we solved our problem. We regained our ability to perform and feel as we used many years ago. We have now everything we need to be efficient and simply GREAT in bed.

There is always room for an improvement. We may learn how to be more ‘Romantic’, enhance our Sexual Image.

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