Herbal Supplements

We need to differentiate between the herbal supplements for general health and the supplements for sexual matters.

Our mankind used herbal supplements and ‘miracle’ potions since its existence. While the use of supplements for general health may be justified this is not so true for our sex department.

If you seek improvement in your sex life, please read these articles dealing on a subject of herbal sex supplements: Libido; Male Erection; Impotence; Great Sex

It is useless to buy hundreds of herbal supplements for this purpose. I highly recommend you to read the above in order to avoid disappointment and investing your money in a wrong direction.

In general we have sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals from food. This is not a case in more poor countries where they cannot afford to have quality and a great variety of it.

Occasionally we have a deficiency of some vitamins or minerals. If we consume supplements on regular bases our body will get rid of excess in most cases. This translates into ‘paying for our waste’.

Each person has different requirements due to her/his lifestyle. No website can suggest you what is good for you unless you would undertake tests.

We often feel we need this or that. It is fine to experiment and try new products. However, I would alternate them in order to get variety while avoiding having too much of any.

When it comes to sex and you want to get really something happening, don’t waste your money.

For erections you have Viagra and similar products. (Viagra is considered to be more reliable to Cialis. However the effects of Cialis are longer lasting.) Taking only Viagra alone will result in hard erection and boring sex. There is a need to work on libido as described below.
Natural testosterone supplements for erections and libido are described in Libido and Yohimbine.

If you have an opportunity it is great to find someone who is good in e.g. Chinese herbs in your area. You can get prepared a blend tailored to your needs. The disadvantage of herbal supplements is often a horrible taste and the need to boil herbs for a long time. It is often necessary to make this extract from two parts.

Then the cooking time will more than double. First you have to simmer the harder (thicker) items (such as mineral rocks, shells, deer antler). Then, after 30-40minutes you add herbs and boil gently for another 30 minutes or so.

The prepared extract is divided into half and consumed during a period of two days. (You drink half each day.) This means you have to prepare your tea every two days or so. If you want to stay in a top condition it is worth trouble. It will become just one of the other regular routines.

The advantages are immeasurable. You will get exactly what is required for your condition (as long you picked the right herbalist). This ‘Chinese medicine’ can keep you looking younger and having more energy. At the same time it will keep your body’s immune system in a perfect condition.

It can be adjusted to lose weight, gain weight, more energy, more or less sleep, to have anti aging properties, there are endless possibilities.

If you decide to take this path and use herbal supplemets you need to find someone local. The right price is important because you might end up using it for years.

You might decide to take it in a tablet forms instead. These are more convenient but they can’t be adjusted as closely to your needs. The effect of herbal extract is very strong.

To prepare the extract, herbs should not be boiled rapidly, only to simmer. The best is to obtain a ceramic pot. These are often available directly from the herbal supplier. They last for a long time and are most suitable for this purpose.

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