High Heels Sex?


High heels sex? Are they related? You may come across some published articles how stilettos contribute to better sex due to strengthening pelvic muscles. The 'study' by Dr. Cerruto is welcomed by millions of women. It gives them a great excuse to wear shoes of their dreams while doing harm to their bodies.

Various articles based on her study bluntly state wearing high heels at the correct angle contribute to stronger pelvic muscles simply by relaxing them. In order to improve these muscles we need to 'work' them. Not relax!

If her study shows women with high heels have more sex it does not mean they have better sex. It is logical persons looking after their appearances do so because they want to look more desirable - they are simply by nature more 'pleasure oriented’ as well.

A person (be it a woman or a man) who does not feel need for sex has generally less incentive to look as desirable. With better looks - better the chances are to find a partner.

As a man I can only confirm women look sexy in high heels. But these should be used occasionally only. To wear them all day at a workplace definitely does not help women's health. The orgasm will not be any better, either.

Why not! Look great! Use them on occasions. But my word of advice is - avoid them as much as you can.

Don't take me wrong. We, all men, love sexy looking women. So feel free to show off. What I am trying to say is any prolonged use of high heeled shoes has a highly negative effect on overall health.

What is the advantage of looking sexy all day long once you get continuous health problems?

If you are serious about having stronger pelvic muscles for better sex you simply need to exercise them on a regular basis. I know women who do this while travelling. These can be also easily done while you are waiting in a queue, waiting rooms and else.

Especially with age and after childbirth it is important not to neglect this important part of your precious body.

If you like to know more about pelvic muscles and how to keep them toned you may watch video in the following article on Vagina Size

A word of warning. Not all information you read is based on true scientific results. Some are inflated to grab your attention. It is always good to use common sense. Let's leave the combination of 'High Heels Sex'for dreamers.

Wearing high heels is causing continuous damage to everything from your feet to spine. Your headaches might be one of the many results of - ‘fashion’.

And yes, they are cool! I know. You look great wearing them. Remember, please, the word 'BALANCE' (Everything in moderation). Avoiding them whenever possible is the best way to go. After all, our health comes first.

Did I forget to mention - high heels do not contribute to stronger pelvic muscles or better sex? They contribute only to looks and to numerous health problems. Article High Heels Sex is written as an unbiased view on this important topic.

If you are into more kinky stuff foot fetish (opens new window) will be of greater interest to you.

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