How To Do Kegel Exercises

How to do Kegel exercises for better health and great sex life?

While creating the article how to do kegel exercises it would be unproductive to divide it into male and female part. There are so many things in common.

So we include kegel exercise for men as well as Kegel exercise for woman on these pages.

What are Kegel exercises?

Exercising PC (pubococcygeus) muscles is also called performing 'Kegels’. Named after Dr.Kegel who had developed these in 1948 to control incontinence in women after childbirth.

We often tend to forget about our pelvic muscles and we take it for granted while stopping the urine, when we get an erection (or a vaginal contraction). Pelvic floor muscles are easily forgotten and neglected.

With aging, childbirth these are getting weaker. It translates into weaker erection and lose vagina. There are possible problems with bladder control depending on the condition of these muscles.

By doing few sets of Kegel exercises a day we will develop strong and healthy PC muscles.

Why to have stronger PC muscles?

    • Strong Erections and better control during sex (to prevent premature ejaculation) Strong vagina

    • Health in general – good bladder control and to prevent pelvic organ prolapsed

    • It definitely improves sexual life providing better control and higher quality of sexual intercourse in general.

    • Enhances orgasm for both men and women (I can confirm it from a men’s point of view)

    • It may aid to those with Erectile Dysfunction (I believe it does help, though there are groups who do not. My motto is: if you want to know something for sure the best is to do it by yourself and validate it)

How long does it take to notice the results?

To feel a difference in sex it might take only few days. If there is a more serious health problem such as leaking of urine it may be two – three months.

How to locate PC Muscles?

In order to be able to exercise we have to be sure we know what we are exercising. In case of PC muscles the best way is to imagine stopping the flow of urine. This can be easily done while actually urinating. Feel the muscle responsible for cutting off the flow of urine.

However, use this only to initially while locating the muscle to understand your body. It is not recommended to do this regularly for health reasons.

Women can also insert a finger into vagina. By activating these muscles you will feel increased pressure on your finger. More pressure indicates stronger PC muscles.

There are also probes available to measure the strengths of muscles. It is not necessary to buy or use anything. I just included it as information.

If you still find it hard to locate PC muscles I recommend you to ask your doctor to help you out.

IMPORTANT: Avoid exercising other parts of body such as stomach, buttocks and thighs. Breathe naturally and stay relaxed. This will make sure you are performing pelvic muscle exercise only

How to do Kegel exercises?

There are endless ways and various combinations. Once you are comfortable with them you may feel free to experiment depending on your own needs. You will create your own kegel technique.

    • Do not start with a great enthusiasm doing many. It is necessary to start slow and build up over time. So please, do not rush it.

    • You may begin with short; 1 second ones. Do a 1 second squeeze and 1 second release. Repeat 10 times. This is one ‘set’.

    • Do it few times during a day (3-4 times)

Gradually make them last longer according to your abilities. Make them 2 second squeeze and 2 seconds release. Build up slowly to 10 seconds.

Once you have your muscles stronger you may do as much as 100 short - 1 second Kegels; 2-3 times a day. And add e.g. one set of 50 longer ones (5 second).

The only important thing to remember is to do it gradually and not to get tired (not to exhaust the muscle).

There are many possible variations; e.g. After 3 seconds you squeeze harder; the next 3 seconds even more, and then hold it for another 3 seconds. Release slowly for about 9 seconds.

When to do Kegels?

Now that we know how to do Kegel exercises what is the best time and place to perform them?

The beauty of kegels is that these can be done anywhere. Nobody knows what you are doing. It is great to start in bed when you wake up to do a set. While driving, waiting in a queue, working on computer or while travelling. It is easy. It takes only few minutes.

Pelvic Floor Anatomy and Exercises continuing in Part 2:

The most important thing to remember how to do Kegel exercises the correct way is to take it slowly and gradually.

The result will be not only healthier pelvic floor and tighter vagina. The strengths of orgasm will be significantly improved with it as well.

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