How To Last Long

There are endless speculations how to last long,

tests and trials in order to find out the reasons behind premature ejaculation. All research is very inconclusive and one result contradicts the other.

While conditions such as anxiety, masturbation with a goal to achieve orgasm as fast as possible (while young -- not to be caught by parents) and use of some medications were attributed to premature ejaculation, other findings proved there was no link between them.

Other theory is that men ejaculate fast so they can impregnate females as fast as possible to produce off-springs (matter of nature).

Without elaboration on these hypothesises it is more productive to analyse what can be done to prevent this from happening.

There are males who have premature ejaculation when young and there are men who have premature ejaculation all life.

Premature ejaculation is more likely to happen with individuals having irregular sex. It is also not clearly defined what is premature ejaculation.

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When trying hard to delay ejaculation by various tricks, such as thinking about maths (just happened to came up my mind), pain or having unpleasant thoughts or; by interrupting love making, asking partner to stop moving during an intercourse, these are all attempts how to last long during sex.

If we take in account women take different time to orgasm, and many even don’t get orgasm during sexual intercourse at all, it is almost impossible to define time wise what premature ejaculation is.

What is known are these facts:

There is no miracle solution to how to last long in a form of a pill, food or other medication. Some sources state men last in average about 10 minutes, others say it is 2 minutes. Also there are those who manage only 10-20 seconds of intercourse. And we have men who orgasm before entering the vagina.

Sex has to be learned and practice. Change in partner will require the all process to be re-learned from the beginning. That is to say if a man learns to control PE (Premature Ejaculation) with his current partner it does not mean he knows it all. He will have to learn it again with his new partner.

The person has to learn to observe and control his sexual desires. It takes time and practice.

There are so called 'all life premature ejaculators', men who have this problem even later in their lives. Frequently it is connected with erectile dysfunction. Again, there is no concrete proof that due to erectile dysfunction they suffer with PE. The explanation goes; because they worry they will have erectile failure they try to ejaculate fast (and this may be conscious or unconscious).

The truth is that mostly young and inexperienced men suffer with PE. With experience and age it becomes less of a problem. However, to get into a stage a man would last longer in a natural way requires many years, actually decades. Therefore regular sex with a regular partner is preferable.

For those who tried it all and still are having problems there are sprays which desensitizes penis, condom does same. Visit to a doctor may prove a good idea.

But it is very important to know your partner and discuss her needs in detail as well. She may reveal to you she can get orgasm e.g. only by masturbation or clitoral stimulation. She might tell you she had never experienced orgasm in her entire life. You need to know these facts so you can approach sex from the right angle.

Not having this information may cause you to have an orgasm in 3 hours and she won’t. That would put you in a premature ejaculation category? The art about sex is to find your way to be happy and make your partner happy. While in some cases both partners can orgasm in a minute other couples will require much longer time than that.

You need to know your partner and act accordingly. Perhaps you stimulate her vagina with a vibrator for 15 minutes before you attempt actual penetration.

Take it as a battle field or chess. The situation is never same. You have to adopt and change according to situation. That is the best way of learning how to last long. Do you know many women don't know what excites them the most? How should you know then? Can they expect you to know? To make the situation more interesting their points of 'pleasure' change not only from day to day but from hour to hour as well.

What excites her to a max right now; it won’t in a next hour or so. It will be most likely at a different position.

This clearly tells you one thing. You have to be an excellent observer. To read her body responses and adjust accordingly. Remember the battle field situation? Adaptation.

These are the things required to become a good lover. And she should be a great communicator so you'll have the best feedback possible.

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