I don't get it!.

by Nick

Hi everyone, I'm a 16 year old male and the same thing happened to me two days in a row!, so here is my Story:

I was going to have sex with my girlfriend and I put the condom on and almost instantly I lost my erection! I was so heartbroken because this would have been my first time have sex with my girlfriend!

What's does this mean!, will I always be like this?


It will be all ok. You just need to experiment a little. Some guys have difficulties with condoms while others don’t.

You may tell your girlfriend you are ‘condom allergic’ (just came up with the term :-)
or some other excuse. If she would go on pills, that would help the cause. I understand there are circumstances which can prevent her using anticonception pills (age or she simply doesn’t want to follow that road).

To have sex without a protection is dangerous, she can get pregnant. It would put an additional pressure on you as well. I’m assuming you both know each other well and sexual diseases are out of the question. I’m not into preaching, I’m here to give you an answer.

If nothing helps, you need to go to your GP (general practitioner) who will refer you to a specialist.
It can be only a small psychological issue.

But no matter what, for you it is important to perform and have an erection anytime you wish for it.
And if you won’t solve the problem alone you really need to look into that possibility.
Your girlfriend will understand and she will be prepared to wait (especially if she doesn’t want to go on pills).

You are young and you will be just fine. Be open with her on the subject. Explain her there is a problem and only you two can solve it. By being upfront you show her you can cope with situations, it will show your maturity.

Never try to hide a push aside a visible problem. Try to solve it instead.

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