I had lost my Virginity with my Naked Bum stuck in deep Snow. Beat it!

by Martha
(Somewhere in Europe)

I don’t really know if it is right to share this on these pages. Sometimes things just come up to our minds.

Actually, I had it in the past few days in front of my eyes. And it is funny in a way. It makes me laugh anytime I recall the experience.

Just wondering: ‘Has anyone else of you lost your virginity in snow?’
Mmm, I was 21 at a time. I liked this guy. He was younger, I think around 18. We travelled regularly to school together and he was a good friend of my brother.

(Should I mention we always drunk to make journey more enjoyable?)

One evening on arrival we were walking through dark park, lit up by occasional lamps. It was covered with snow and it was still snowing. I must say it was a very pleasant and romantic night. We both were fired up and sexually loaded to a maximum.
Without going into details I ended up with my naked bum in fresh snow. And, you guessed it, it was deep. No, I didn’t feel cold. I was too preoccupied with action. Filled with excitement.
How I wish I could repeat a night like that.

That was the end of my long guarded virginity. Young and crazy.

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