I have a problem, Can you help me?

by Jack

I am 17 years old.

The problem I have is that my penis is not straight.
Actually, it cannot stand erect for more than a few seconds, it falls and stands up

If I say in short words, my penis doesn't have erection, but it minds me a lot.

If I don't masturbate in a week it makes me very nervous

Now the problems I have are:
1. MY penis doesn't have erection
Tell me how to solve this problem

2. I masturbate a lot.
How to try not to masturbate?

Tibor's reply:

Hi Jack,

The second part is easy - -
Masturbation is normal. Almost everyone does it. Some do it few times daily - some few times weekly.
At this age the urge is very strong. Because of our society we’ve been told lot’s of negative things about masturbation. Then it makes a person feel guilty.

What is a lot of masturbation? It is when you feel exhausted; you know you’ve overdone it. As I say each person has different needs and same applies to number of masturbations.

The main thing is to try to live healthy life. No drugs, smoking and crap food.
Do not stress over masturbation. Enjoy it – think of it as a normal necessity.

Even married men and women sometimes masturbate no matter how crazy it sounds.
And they have a partner who is willing and available!
There are complex issues involved and the main dictator here is in your chemistry – level of hormone testosterone.

Do not feel guilt. Once you have a partner you will adjust accordingly. You will notice you can’t masturbate half a day and have ready erections for intercourse at the same time. You will simply need to have a rest in between, to recharge.

I’ll go to your first question now.
Erection problem can be due to over-masturbation.
Do you have erections in your sleep or early in the morning? And I mean ‘hard’ erections? How long they last?
Do they last longer? If yes, you have no problem.
Do you masturbate as soon you have them?

There are many factors to consider here.
At your age it is difficult to see a doctor; mostly it is ego and shyness related. However, for doctor these are common everyday’s problems and he will not judge any person.

Imagine you are buying food. The sales assistance doesn’t care what you buy, why or who you are.
The same applies to doctor. He doesn’t even register you in his daily life – he has so many cases, he has no time for it.
It is just another job for him.

What I want to say is you need to make that visit and remember my words. You will perhaps never see him again in your life. So do not worry about it.

Why I’m telling you this?
Penis is a very important part for us men. If there is any problem, only he will be able to run correct tests and help you.

You need to put your reservations (shyness or pride) aside. Just do it. It is important for your self-esteem and happiness. Just shut your senses for half a day; make a decision and walk in there.
And be honest.

On distance I can only speculate as I have no sufficient information. For your own wellbeing I recommend you to see a doctor. Most likely you have no problem. But it will make you sleep and feel better. You need to be absolutely sure.

Wish you good results

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