i love cum

by karma

My boyfriend’s big brother has been driving past our house a lot lately when my bf at work.

One day he seen me outside and pulled over to say hello so we began talking more n more.

Until I invited him in one day we ate drank n talked once my baby went to sleep he gave me the best massage and one thing led to another n he fucked me n blew the biggest load of cum inside me.

When he pulled it out I licked all the cum off his cock n balls n sucked the rest of what cum was still in his dick. then we relaxed for a Lil bit until I got on my knees in front of him n began sucking his dick again (like a baby with a bottle of milk)..n he loves fucking my mouth n telling me to get all the milk out while I blow him n then his dick gets engorged n I feel a flood of hot milky cum fill my mouth.

It tastes so good n I swallow it as I try to suck the rest out his dick. then he lubes up my booty hole n fingers it with my dildo while i keep sucking dick till it gets hard again then when he's ready he slides his dick in n out of my booty ..I cum instantly again n again while he whispers to me that my Booty's getting bigger n bigger from pumping it in n out every day then he busts another big load of cum inside my big swollen asshole he pumps a Lil more n takes it out slow so no cum leaks out. I lay on my stomach n sleep .

until that next night when it’s time for more cum deposits while his brother is at work he comes home in the morning he gets in bed n when he puts his dick in me my pussy n booty hole is still soaked from last night with his bro n he immediately slides his dick inside my pussy n pumps til he blows a another hot load of cum in my pussy n then I suck all our juices from his dick til he cums again in my mouth then before he leaves for work he fucks me in my ass n leaves a huge load for his bro later on, which helps him slide in a Lil easier n I think he knows his brothers doing him a favor...maybe he knows his bro been cummin in me every day.

I'm not sure but if I found out that they r doing this knowingly behind my back, I would keep my mouth shut n enjoy this fun game. I hope it stays like this. I love being so full of him n his brothers cum.

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