I was a ‘small’ guy. Not any more

by Joshua

Being small can drive you crazy. I remember when 13 for the first time we went skinny dipping with two of my friends. My dick was much smaller from theirs and they had several good laughs about it.

It was like feeling a knife in my back. I never thought of dick size, never compared and had no problem.
From this moment I was screwed. Though good looking I was afraid to get in bed with a girl later on,
I’d chosen a different occupation where I wouldn’t need to share showers with others; I didn’t do sports I liked to. All because I wanted to avoid taking showers in front of others or change rooms.

Much later it all changed. I was desperate and wanted to get penile surgery. I already had all information about it and I was ready to go under knife.
At last moment I thought, wasting $50 is better than $ 12,000 especially if there is no pain involved.

So I ‘invested’ into penis enlargement program as a last resort. I did not believe in it I thought it was one of the internet bogus.

Lucky I did. Because of so much sorrow I had suffered in the past I took it seriously and I was fully committed.
I gained over 2 inches within less than 2 years. My life changed since. Confident as hell.
My moral of it? Funny. I know the difference of being small and being able to go deep inside.

Yes, there is nothing above vaginal orgasm when you feel vaginal contractions squeezing your dick.
I had never had a clue about it before.

They say the vagina is most sensitive the first 3 inches. Though true, there is much more pleasure waiting for anyone more endowed behind those 3”. Believe me.
May this will help guys who read lot of garbage on internet to separate the truth from fantasy.

I started enlargement program in my mid thirties. Now I’m close to 50 and I can safely say the size is permanent.
If women like larger penis I don’t question it. I also prefer tight pussy.
Oh, and I have sex most of the time every single day.

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