Signs of Impotence? Strong Erections and Libido are not only desirable - we can have it all! Consuming tons of supplements will not help. Though cure for impotence is desirable we can’t keep searching all our lifetime just to get an erection.

The big picture, first. May I? Let’s look at it from the ‘spy satellite’ first, before we zoom into an area of our interest. Let’s find the solution first.

It is simple to write a definition on the subject. Anyone can do it. Just reading about it will not make any positive results in our sex life.

I prefer to have great sex instead. It means to get my ‘apparatus’ in a ‘firing mood’. By reading what is impotence about will not make any contribution to my ability to make love. So forgive me, please, if I want to introduce you to a subject in a reverse order.


If you are impatient (‘something’ like me...) you might want to know first, what works. And perhaps, after that you maybe will read what the ‘heck’ is the impotence about. It is much easier to ‘digest’ its definition once we know how to combat it.

(To achieve good sales, people call it ‘rock hard erections’ -). I don’t want to scare you off. So I name it modestly. And here you will find how to achieve it Male Erection

More about Libido. If you are interested in Yohimbine

In case you prefer straight solution (without reading much) you may choose a 'shortcut' to a single natural product which is is briefly described in How to Increase Male Libido

It is not the greatest feeling to have even a steel erection while there is no desire and passion. Would you agree?

To improve your sexuality in both departments (erections and libido) you might choose the following page Great Sex

Or for more information on Mens Sexual Health and Diabetes and Impotence

It would make me happy if you returned to this page once you find the answer. I have searched for many years to perfect my sexual life.

To tell you the truth, almost nothing worked.

No matter what I tried, supplements, more exercises or better food it did not make my penis make any harder, as a matter of fact, on any scale.

My orgasm did not register on a Richter scale in Japan or in Europe. No measurable ‘tremors’ in Pacific. No tsunami...

However, there is a way to change it for better. There are very few products, mostly natural, which are to me as important as bread and water.

I honestly believe in one thing:

I will definitely tell you what does not work. That is actually almost everything what is being sold (offered) to you. (By the way all information on this site is at no cost to you, you are safe to read as much you like)

When I tell you what works – those are the only herbs which can do anything for you. And there are not even a handful of them. Two, three....?

And even though you would come across these it is easy to leave them unoticed.

It is important to know how to take them. What quantity and when. And YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! The ‘tremor’ will return. The earth will shake again!

I would highly appreciate your responses once the forums are set up. It is my highest priority to give you valued information.

By contributing with your own experiences you will help to improve our quest for an ultimate sex.

We are here to help each other. None of us can win with dishonesty.

Do you know I intended to keep all this information only to myself? We males are aggressive beings. As such we compete for women. We are in a direct competition.

However, as I gradually got more common sense (Ok, I say the word! – I’ve got more mature), I realized I can’t have all women on this planet just to myself (That would be expensive to keep them!)

When I look at any websites I’m always over cautious. I don’t trust easily what I read. I bought so much ‘crap’... Did you as well?

We just tend to forget about it and go on to buy the next ‘offer’ in line. It is maybe already waiting for us in our junk mail. Or we’ll have a bad luck in our search again...

Now I’m on the other side of the web – writing – trying to tell you I’m different. And I expect you to believe me. Isn’t it funny in a way? I ask you to trust me? After telling you all of this? I leave it up to you to decide that.

One thing is sure. I love my subject. The results of my studies and discoveries keep me happy and ‘very alive’. We are not all the same. For some sexual life - be it impotence, erections, orgasm have no important meaning.

If you are reading here I can safely assume you would not be wasting your valuable time unless you seek value for yourself. Family and love relationships are the base of our society, our lives and happiness.

To have a solid relationship requires not only going for work, do some cooking and look after children. Buying flowers is a great gesture. It is romantic. It does not satisfy the woman’s sexual needs though.

Do not let to die the fire inside you. Ignite it. Live your life to your best. There is nothing more ‘best’ than LOVE.

What is the definition of Impotence? Oh! I almost forgot! That’s the ‘Title’ of the page... It is a...

    Simply, it is a word we don't want to hear...

I did not set up this site in order to copy what everyone else is writing. You want unique information.

In case you visited here just for mere information to summaries what is impotence, please, read about Erectile Dysfunction (opens new window) in Wikipedia.

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