What is considered incest in one country seems to be quite acceptable in other parts of the world.

Latest scientific research in New Zealand and also Boston proves there is no need to worry and most prohibitions and illegalization of family related sex are not based on genetic facts.

Prohibited and unlawful marriages between cousins are based on old cultural values and knowledge, not on actual evidence. In most countries only a sexual relationship between siblings and parent-child are illegal.

There is no direct evidence there would be an increased danger by having sexual relationship between family members to a level where it should be prohibited. The risk is about the same as is a risk of a woman over forty to have a child. And there are no legal issues about that.

Marriage between first generation cousins does not present danger of having unhealthy children. This is also supported by the study for over thirty years conducted in Perth (Australia). The interesting part is that in spite of this Australia is one of the few countries which tend to have very tough and old fashioned laws on it.

The most common form of illegal sex occurs is between cousins. Though it is not considered a tabu in many countries, in UK they want to go as far as to reverse existing marriages between relatives. And the main reason behind of this insanity is that many individuals wrongly believe in genetic mutilation of their children.

It is interesting that in ancient times a marriage between brother and sister was of great importance when it came to preserving blood ancestry of the royal family.

And there are countries mainly in the Pacific where it is not forbidden to have sexual relationship with parent but with uncle it is illegal.

For more complete list on legalities in different countries check Wikipedia in Laws Regarding Sex Within Family Members (opens new window)


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