How to Increase Female Libido

To increase female libido and sex drive may become highly desirable in some relationships.

We humans can tolerate (get used to) compromises. When it comes to two people sharing their lives together some things become so hard it is difficult to cope.

A couple may love each other endlessly. However we cannot control other’s chemistry. Their own urges and needs. Sex can play a real havoc in any relationship.

To keep relationship healthy it is wise trying understanding your partner's needs. This becomes almost impossible if you have a huge difference in sex drive.

It is guaranteed your partner will have many sleepless nights. To put it simply he/she will not be happy. This will reflect in all everyday’s activities. Urge to cheat. It will lower performance at work.

Most of all your relationship will not be a happy one.

The partner stops talking on the subject – because you simply do not listen. Then you both avoid talking about it. No communication equals less trust. It equals less love. What is likely going to happen?

If you had never smoked you can’t understand exactly how the smoker feels when he gives up cigarettes. He is suffering beyond your imagination.

But he is lucky in a way. After some time – it might be six months or two years – he will be ok. No more urge for nicotine.

However, your loved one– he/she will be never OK!!!!!!!


If you are in this sort of situation ask yourself a question, please. Do I really love my partner? Because if the answer is YES how can I want him to suffer for the rest of his life? What compromise is in this?

And there is more to it - a ‘Catch 22’. He/she needs sex.

What will you do if you are hungry and the shop is closed? You simply go to next supermarket. Once you are in a relationship you would not simply go to do your shopping elsewhere if it comes to sex.

Your partner is doomed (the relationship will likely to follow). You love each other very much. He/she can’t get ‘food’ till the rest of his/her life because he/she is loyal and because the ‘store owner' (you) is not opened for sale.

The solution is always compromise. Help each other. It strengthens love.

There are ways to increase female libido. Again, I need to repeat, we are being fed with thousands of vitamins, herbs, pills and zillions of stuff which will never contribute to any improvement.

I've got fooled many times. There are very, very, very few products which do help.

The best foods to increase libido?

There is no particular food which would make any noticable increase in libido. Of course, eating healthy and exercise will contribute to better sex and life in general.

To increase female libido in order to match your partner’s is perhaps one of the most important steps in any relationship. You would be surprised how many problems it may solve!

And again – no matter what you do – I wish you happiness.

Female sexuality is a powerful force. When used wisely it can move not only mountains. It can move our world! That's where female libido comes to play.

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