How to Increase Male Libido

This is a ‘shortcut page’ on how to increase male libido and desire for those who are not patient enough to read through pages.
How to go from ‘small erection’ to more than an average erection?

It is sufficient to use this natural product. In case you like to know more how to increase sex drive and improve erections I suggest you to read through previous pages on Great Sex, Impotence, Male Sexuality.

Depending on a situation I still may recommend to use ¼ of Viagra with it though not necessary.

You will be surprised it will be more to it than libido or better erection alone. Endurance, prolonged pleasure for your partner and yourself will boost your confidence and self esteem.

I intended to keep this page short. For more detailed information how to improve your sexual stamina, please, return to page on Impotence.

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