Labiaplasty Before After

Labiaplasty before after - is an information on the great demand by woman for various reasons.

Is cosmetic labiaplasty necessary? You most likely have a completely normal vagina from men point of view. There is no such definition as ‘the perfect vagina’.

Yesterday I watched a documentary on cosmetic labia reduction surgery.

It made an impact on me seeing how many women suffer due to ‘non-existing’ conditions. They either were told by someone being nasty their genitals in general look big or some other silly comments.

Now this may be sometimes true. There are always exceptions. Few women genuinely need labia surgery to correct the problem. To return their long needed comfort and confidence.

But to worry about - labiaplasty before after - effect; it gives no reason to even consider it.

I have a different reason for writing and publishing this article. In most cases these women have actually no problem whatsoever. They ‘think’ their genitalia looks odd and they need to have a surgical correction.

How wrong it is! The shape of female genitalia varies as finger prints do. Even worse, women are mistakenly worried we men discuss their shape and they feel ashamed and insecure.

I can assure you, women, this is not the case. I’ve been most of my teenage life in a company of thousands of men. At boarding school, army, etc. Our favourite topic was, of course, about you - women and sex.

And guess what? I do not recall among all these conversations to ever mention the shape of vagina. Believe it or not, we talked about the size of penis as you women do.... Penis size must be a popular subject :-)

The cosmetic labia surgery is on huge increase. Remember; different men have different likes. For many larger labia is very sexy. Some like it smaller.
But I don’t know of any man who would give a damn about it.

The most important thing is YOU. If there are some men who are any different to this I must say it must be a few in many thousands. You do not need to worry about these at all.

If you still have an issue about it you better discuss with your doctor. You might ask directly your partner as well.

Do not go under knife unless you have a genuine reason.

I do not have this from readings. This is a true fact of life. I love my sex, believe me my advice is as genuine as you can ever get. Love yourself. Love your vagina. Vagina muscles are of greater importance. Men also appreciate you being secure about your body.

If you want to ‘shine’ in your sexual life it is much more important to keep your pelvic floor muscles in an excellent shape. This will in fact have an effect similar to reducing vagina size but internally.

It is of much higher importance than labiaplasty before after.

Once again, avoid a ‘Stupid Trend in Fashion’. Just because others do something it does not mean you have to follow. By being different you will become what we men want – you will become that exceptional ‘Special Woman’ in our life.

Save your pain. Save your money. Women’s vagina is too precious.

I wish I got the message through.

The following video contains labia reduction surgery procedure. You can see ‘labiaplasty before after’.
In most cases there is no need to undergo surgery. The discomfort after the procedure may last several months.

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